Daily Horde and Escape Challenge Map, Modifiers, and Rewards (Part 1)

Creating a running thread for anyone to post what the current day’s Daily Horde Challenge Map and Modifiers are.

12/30/20 - Horde - Abyss

Modifiers: (up to Inconceivable, add survivor for Master)
-only regen in cover
-more lethal (damage to players increased)
-must active reload
-more health (enemies have more health)
+bobble head enemies
-regeneration (enemies regen)

Beginner - 2,500 CXP (Character XP)
Advanced - 150 Gold Coins
Inconceivable - 300 Gold Coins
6 Bonus Skill Cards Available

12/30/20 - Escape - Melee Brawl

Modifiers (up to Inconceivable, add survivor for Master)
-Freezing Imago Bullets
-More Health
-More Lethal
-More Melee Damage
-Shock Wardens
-Faster Venom

Beginner - 100 Gold Coins
Advanced - 3 Skill Cards
Inconceivable - 1 Gold Skill Card
6 Bonus Skill Cards Available

I started this thread but am looking to the community to contribute to help update it,


I think it’s helpful to have somewhere to see daily challenges for those that aren’t able to load up the game each day. Thanks OP.

Today’s looks like a hard pass for me.

Doesn’t look like fun.


I try most dailies, when my time and availability allow.
In this instance (12/30/20 on Abyss) I see that execution and power drain are not available modifiers.
Must active reload is buggy, and can cause frustration.
Playing inconceivable (choosing to exclude, more leathal, more health, or enemy regen) to get 8 cards (4 + 4 Bonus) for one run is worth it to me, Gold Coins and CXP isn’t that motivating, but doesn’t hurt.
I’d like to see the Gold Coins bonus bumped to at least 250 & 500 respectively. Any time a gold skill card is guaranteed it saves 4,000 off of using gold coins to buy a gold skill card, though there can be some RNG in play.


Nice job! I am going to keep coming back to this thread again.

Also, @Scoops_4 could you change the thread title to include Escape challenge maps too?

It would be nice to see horde and escape daily challenges in one thread. If you don’t want to, that’s fine too.


Good points. Maybe I wouldn’t hate the “must active reload” mutator if it worked properly for explosive weapons.

These daily challenges aren’t good for my blood pressure. I’m trying to be patient, but broadly speaking the problems are:

(1) Poor players.
(2) Poor players who don’t listen.
(3) Poor players who keep doing the same thing over and over despite it leading to their deaths.
(4) People joining lobbies expecting to be carried while they play as an unsuitable class (including many players I’ve played with before who I know to be reasonably good players)
(5) Players who don’t read the lobby title where the host asks for a particular class (or classes).

I need a lavender bath, valium and some whale-noise background music after these ordeals… :frowning:


I agree that the issues you have listed occur, but I don’t see them as unique to the daily challenges.

I do believe that the daily challenges are likely to attract more players newer and experienced. Browsing the custom lobbies I have observed that the daily horde map becomes one of the more common maps.

I think with the current XP bonuses offered, many players are looking to upgrade their lower level, less played characters while they can do so faster.

Survivor, and it is often the Master modifier in Custom lobbies. I haven’t been on to see if it’s available for today’s Horde map, but in my experience if it’s not the second or seventh modifier shown in public matchmaking, Survivor tends to be the last one shown.

Good Point. Survivor is there, I had looked at public matchmaking and only added everything available there (for inconceivable) I’ve edited my OP to point out the modifiers listed are missing Survivor.

The irony is that they could run something easier and get the equivalent rewards in the same space of time spent repeatedly failing and restarting. Although in my case I straight up kick them, so they don’t really waste much time. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Unless i see character xp and plenty of cards it seems pointless to do them on inconceivable unless i need the TOD medal of 10 master hives


Whats worse now tho is u get lvl19/20 ppl joining that have used the 4x cxp grind but are still hopeless.

I kicked at least 5 ppl last nite on the weekly hive for not doing what was asked of them, i ran 2 max score cards and said every time “ill get tags” but they still pick them up, my friend was using fear and ppl still tried to kill the same enemies my friend was trying to execute.

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Is everyone else finding they only get 3/6 bonus cards for finishing a Frenzy? You normally get 4 cards, so why are we only getting 3 extra when finishing?

Because it’s 3 skill drops. 1 on wave 4, 1 on wave 8, 2 on wave 12.

Ah yep, makes sense. Cheers.

No getting 3/6 cards is normal. You get 1 card for every set which ends in a boss wave, so for Frenzy you get one for every 4 waves (and 1 card for every 5 waves on a normal 1-50).

This is a good idea for sure.

Side note: Is anyone getting phantom shots on todays horde challenge. There seems to be a problem with the must active reload mutator. I was firing Boomshots and Torque bows and they just vanished before getting near an enemy. This happened the last time that mutator came around.


Yeah, it’s hard to unpick who is actually any good. Some people just pump in the time and grind The Surge but rarely play other maps. Having said that, like I said I have come across some players I’ve played with before who are fairly decent but they want to be carried for the challenge rewards and choose a totally ill-suited class. Today (Melee Brawl) I had someone come in as Tactician. I’m about 99% sure that the only explosive weapon in this hive is a single Frag in one of the early supply rooms. Aside from that there’s no weapons suited to the Tactician unless you want to count Hammerbursts dropped by the enemy. There’s not even many blue ammo boxes either! I think there’s only two of the medium size ones. I kindly mentioned this but they refused to change so I kicked them. It’s frustrating for sure.

The scoring system isn’t that well known. Even some of my friends who are seasoned Escape players don’t know all the details of it. I only know because I read alot of the threads covering this topic by some of the really high-end Escape players. Frankly if my friends don’t even know all of the details, then I wouldn’t expect your average player to know even a fraction of it! But then there’s only been a couple of weekly challenge hives that have really required knowledge of the scoring system to hit the gold times. Some of the challenge hives have been very easy and many of them just require you to clear it on master, and you’re virtually guaranteed it. The Corruption and The Onslaught have been tighter, but the others haven’t.

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My only gripe with the challenge.

I did do an inconceivable run, but the bug is always present.

So, who’s got tomorrow?

Keegan could work with the HB spawn, Disciplined and a few other cards. Wouldn’t expect randoms to equip them though.