Daily Hive: Last Stand

Alright let me just vent my frustration and give much needed information here. The amount of players who don’t know what they are doing in this hive is ridiculous. I am talking about inconceivable difficulty to boot. There are 2 battlegrounds in the hive. One at the beginning, stocked with 2 weapon reload lockers, 3 heavy weapons and 3 grenades. The second battleground is after the halfway point and only has 2 weapon reload lockers. That’s it. The enemies spawned are infinite and will never stop spawning. There is only one way to complete this hive.

  1. Grab all three weapons at the beginning. A hammer burst, a overkill, and a claw.

  2. Run down to the first battleground. Place those weapons on the reload lockers. Have each member pick up a heavy weapon, grenades…etc…have one person on each side of the room where enemies spawn on over watch. Have the third person, preferably a combat medic with revive on kill card standing back with both sides in clear view. They will over watch and provide support on any side getting overrun.

  3. Once the heavy weapons have been depleted, grab your gun from the weapons locker and jump a side, and book it all the way down the hallway. Concentrate fire on immediate threats and run past the rest. Everyone doesn’t have to make it, if just 1 person reaches the mid room, the others will respond.

  4. In battleground 2, take a position at the back center, but leaning to the left of the room. Let the enemies flood the room and then wrap around them on the right and rush through the hallway all the way to the exit point. Hold the room long enough for everyone to have their ultimate ability up, so as to make your push likely to succeed.

  5. Hit the close gate button, hold out and that’s it. It’s not complicated.

Now on to the complaints…who the hell does a hive on inconceivable and doesn’t know how to beat it? So many people clearly don’t know that the enemies won’t stop coming and that you have to make 2 large pushes. They just fall back and get overrun then quit when the group inevitably wipes. It’s frustrating. So very frustrating.

I just run past the first section.


My advice is quite different. On harder difficulties it’s unlikely you will be able to hold off the enemy on two fronts with the weapons you have. You won’t have enough ammo and the enemies will probably overrun you. Better to pick one side early on and make an aggressive push, with one team mate guarding the rear. By the way I’m specifically referring to master difficulty, in case anyone is wondering.

Class/character combinations can vary, but Keegan/Tactician is excellent for this. There are no supply rooms and aside from the initial crossroad area, there are no weapons to pick up aside from what you can lift off dead enemies. Keegan can punch holes through enemy encounters using the Salvo and you will need to bring this along with you by lifting/dropping it over the wall to pick up from the other side, but needs the team to time their pushes so that Keegan can make the most of his Venom Boost card. The idea is to try and drop the Ammo Resupply in a combat situation so you can replenish Salvo rockets as you fire them - effectively giving you infinite rockets for the duration of the ammo drop. If you’re ahead of the venom, don’t be afraid for one person to trigger the next enemy encounter and lure them back a bit. Watch the venom and think about timing this so you’re not too deep in the venom, and your surroundings so you can use the environment to create kill zones.

Cole/Brawler is good too, but players need to be more patient and sensible. The enemy stopping power will have a big effect.

Lahni/Blademaster is also very good - not as tanky, but fast hit and run strikes can be very good for bleeding enemies out.

Clayton/Gunner is also very good. A combination of Heavy Charger and Ultimate Battery can charge everyone’s ultimate abilities; and his ultimate coupled with Reflect Shredder can help clear lots of enemies; plus it has a fast recharge.

I’ve seen Mac/Anchor used as well and as long as someone is watching their back for Juvies, they can unblock your path if there;s too many Drones pining you back. His ultimate is very good and also recharges fairly quickly.

My A Team suggestion would be Keegan. Clayton and Lahni - that’s my preference, but as I said, other combinations work well too.

For the 1st section, there are two methods which work well.

The first method, is to wait for the venom so that the Hivebuster characters (if any are being used) can make the most of it and fight your way through. Keegan can normally punch through the enemies ahead but fire Salvos sparingly at first as ammo is limited and his ultimate won’t be ready straight off. Lahni can guard the rear as you press up.

The second method, is that you can rush without the venom. It’s a bit riskier on the surface as the likes of Lahni won’t get the benefit of her venom cards, but the Mulcher Scion (plus some of the other enemies) that spawns as you approach the saferoom spawns on a timer, so if you’re quick you can pass that section without fighting as many enemies. This method relies alot on Keegan to conserve and space out his Salvo shots as he will be relied on for the main push, and Clayton using the Trishot to help the push too. Lahni needs to time her melee attacks on Juvies and to not overcommit to attacks as you’re not in venom so she won’t have as much defence, won’t be able to bleed enemies, and will be relying on others to cause the enemy to bleed (which will trigger her Thrill Of The Hunt card).

The 2nd section is mostly an exercise in Keegan using the Salvo while trying to stay in venom as much as possible to recharge his ultimate. Lahni mops up; and Clayton at a push can use his ultimate to rush the enemy and deal with crowds. Lahni should try to safe her ultimate for the last encounter before the helipad - you may have to make a last hard push if the venom is creeping up behind you and her Shock Chain is excellent for crowd-control. Just remember that the secondary lightning also causes bleed damage if in venom.

I think my main advice, is to not underestimate the stopping power mutator. The moment you take your first hit, you need to think about getting into cover. Time your runs and flanks for when there is a break in gunfire. If there’s too many Drones firing, then shock grenades or flashbangs can be great for creating openings. Grenadiers will push you aggressive;y, but if you can isolate the Elite Grenadiers and meatshield one (which in itself can be potentially risky as they tank melee attacks) you can nab a flashbang to use.


I’ve beat this hive on master several times and I never knew it was never ending spawns.

Maybe the spawn rate is reduced, but on inconceivable they just keep coming.

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They aren’t, neither in the first act nor the second, but in act 1 you rarely have the opportunity to withess them stopping spawning because you’ll be heading to a saferoom asap since it’s effectively impossible to hold the enemies off in the middle area.

And I’ve done both sides on Incon/Master and you just have to tough out the onslaught. The difference between the right and left paths is that on the left, it is all one big spawn instead of three separate ones when you head down to the right. But none of them are actually infinite.

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Yea I didn’t think so, because we ran two coles before and I thought we killed them all. But it’s been so long that I didn’t remember.

Played this hive so many times and never came across infinity spawn. Always gone right though.

Once the enemies have been cleared you push forward in the first section. The Mulcher Scion doesn’t spawn half the time at the safe room.

In the second act you just clear every encounter before slowly moving to the next. With Keegan it’s a breeze. Just stay in Venom all the time.


Yea I thought the mulcher scion could either spawn on left or right, so it was random if he showed up or not.

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I’ve had both spawn before when I was lvln my Clayton. I did solo runs on insane. One would appear at the first spawn on the right and the other by the saferoom. Many other times none spawn at all.

Once I was right at the saferoom and he spawned right in front of me. Scared the crap out me. Lucky I had my ultimate.


Game can spawn Mulchers out of the nest spawner on the side of the path to the saferoom if it decides to be nasty. So you can face not just the one before the saferoom if one spawns in at all, but two, or three if you’re slow. If it happens to appear as you’re right by the spawner, best hope you have a Gunner or Pilot with their ult up.


I actually accomplished this first try today on Master with randoms. (In comparison to when it was the daily hive a couple weeks ago and it was frustrating debacle to get done)

Two Gunners and one Blademaster. We didn’t wait for ults to charge and rather just ran through the first act and two of us made it to the safe room.

In the second act, one of us always seemed to have an ultimate ready so it became rather simple.

Now, trying this map for a score run? A whole different level of frustration.

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I’m sorry :frowning:

Can I acknowledge your frustration and counter it a little. I played this map today, I’m new to escape. I’ve been trying my level best to learn maps and take advice such as your excellent written piece, but when you are trying to do daily maps you only have so much time to learn a map, yet we all want those CXP etc.

I’ve tried my hardest to get games with a lobby explaining I’m starting on beginner and working up. I’m coming at this from so far back it’s almost impossible to get games below inconceivable. Then you have the biggest issue, no ■■■■■■ talks . Teach, instruct, offer advice. I will gladly take it. Work at a map with the group you’re in rather than rage quit the second it doesn’t go right. It’s hard to come at these maps a year after everyone else and I do get embarrassed some times when it’s my suck that causes people to fail.

I did the map on my own on beginner and the spawning did stop but I will apologise for meeting most of the criteria in your post :sob: I’m truly grateful to the good people who have helped me the last few weeks on escape, but I’m a hairs breadth from quitting escape because the toxicity and hate is at the point I don’t want to turn the mode on anymore.


I understand your frustration and feel your pain!

As was said before I never wait for venom or stay in the middle or place any weapons in the locker.
At lower levels, yes you can but at Incon or Master it’s just stupid and will get you killed.
I like to play as Keegan and he can solo this map. The first act is the most difficult ( you need to go right) after the safe room it’s so easy.
Clayton/ Gunner, Infiltrator and Nomad can also solo this map.

On a side note- in the first act the enemies will spawn for 3.5 minutes. After that they stop. On Master difficulty venom will kill you within 2 minutes if you stay in the middle.


Here’s the easiest way:

Clay : Bait Armor / Heavy Deflect / Heavy Charger / Heavy Capacity and either Sole survior ( when playing solo, that’s the easiest way) Team Resist if you have non-Lizzies in your game and Uncle Clay if you have Lizzie next to you.

Grab the salvo, kill the first Wave on the right but try to keep 1 Juvie alive to prevent the Mulcher Spawn further down the road. If you get a Mulcher, use your Ult, grab the Mulcher and recharge it again before closing the door.

In Ch2, make sure your ult is charged, start running and stick to the right. When stopping power kicks in, roll, take a few steps and roll again to bypass the SP. NO BLEED here otherwise the next wave will trigger.

Run outside, close gate and kill the few Juvies that will reach you.

t. ~140 mastered runs, most of them solo

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For the first act of this hive, this is what majority of players do:

What @GhostofDelta2 Ghost said. They either run left or right (I prefer right).
If you have a melee class in your team, the melee character runs ahead and clears the way ahead for the other two teammates to safely trail behind.
Only pick up the frags and only one heavy weapon of your choice from the first battleground, ditch everything else behind.

What @Bleeding_Pepper said. If you have the Baird/Robotics expert in your team with the global overclock card equipped, you could recharge the ammo for weapons quickly if stowed on the weapon locker.
Problem is you would be trading out Baird for another potential DPS character.

The second part of the hive is done the ‘clean’ way. Old fashioned gunfights.

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Not just this hive, many other hives too.

Many randoms don’t even bother to read the modifiers for each hive… and then they act surprised and rage quit when things don’t go their way.

Many randoms who I have encountered don’t know the basic strategy for Venom Run, The Labyrinth, etc… hives which require basic coordination and common sense in order to complete.

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1st part

  1. Pick up weapons

  2. Always go right. Two people advance. 1 person shoots claws with heavy and carries it over before enemy attacks behind you. This needs to happen fast!

  3. Beware of scion that sometimes spawn. Gunner and brawler are great for this part.

2nd part -

  1. Store heavy on weapons locker. Use shocks to kill juivies and slow advancement. Focus fire on claws.

  2. Clear each section before advancing. If you run through you’ll have 3 sections spawning and it’s impossible to clear all.

  3. The second wave weapons locker sometimes is at where enemy spawns, defend it to use as ammo for 3rd wave.

  4. 3rd wave have one guy in the right to defend anything flanking. 2 guys use shocks and focus fire in the middle. Be close for revives. As you kill slowly advance the venom moves fast.

  5. Pick up shocks to use on helipad against the juvies that come. Focus fire on scions.

-you don’t need to focus on weapons lockers if you have tactician because of ultimate

  • if using anchor you almost need the shield does damage due to the amount of juvies

  • gunner and brawler work great for both parts

-blade master is good for second part

  • robotic master is good with weapon locker card and spawning DR1 on last wave of second part

Idk about part 1, but part 2 is NOT infinity wave spawn. I know this for a fact.

Come play with me again sometime, I’ll always be up to play with you.

No need to give up on the mode, I assure you.

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I want to add my opinion on this hive to the conversation.

I find Last Stand to be the least enjoyable hive. The layout and encounter design go completely against the theme.

You cannot stand your ground against so many enemies aggressively pushing from both sides if the weapons you get to do so have ten shots in them. The lockers are pitiful too.

Waiting for the venom to move up for the Hivebuster classes makes it so you can’t stand your ground for long. An aggressive push towars the safe room is vastly more viable than trying to defend the area you are supposed to.

In my opinion, this hive needed to come out just a few weeks after it did, with Operation 2. Raisable bridge tiles would have made this map much better by having players bunker down while bridges are raised. That, or scripted doors that open on a timer (granted, scripted doors have been broken for half a year and this issue hasn’t been addressed).

Overall, Last Stand is one of my least played hives. I can’t offer much advice because of that. Thankfully, others have done a great work at that in this thread already.