Daily/Frenzy Map rotation

PLEASE, for all that is holy, remove the Horde Daily Challenge from the regular Frenzy rotation. Please. Or, at the very least, turn the frequency down significantly.

Ive tried to get a non-daily match, and it’s near impossible. In the last 15 lobbies it put me in, only 4 were not the Daily…and that was just after it got so bad, I started keeping track. (And no, I am not counting the times it put me back in the same lobbies)

If people want to play that, they will select it.

There is no reason for it to be in the regular Frenzy mode. If people want to play the daily…ITS RIGHT THERE…they will select it. So if someone doesn’t select it, it means they don’t want to play it. If I’m at the mode screen and I don’t choose the Daily, then I don’t want it. And even then it wouldn’t be a big deal if it didn’t take 10 tries, and 15 mins to get a map that is different.

It also creates a lot of unnecessary frustration because you have the crowd that doesn’t read the modifiers anyway, but you almost can’t blame people because most will load into a lobby, then look at their phone, or scratch their nuts for a min or two until the game loads…and I’m guessing no new players, which there is a severe influx of, know how to view the modifiers in-game.

@TC_MichaelAOS. @TC_Kilo1062 somebody, please! I’m
humbly beggingg you :sob::sob:

Thanks for everything yall do.


I think this is a bug that was acknowledged some time ago. Either it isn’t a priority fix or they were only going to with Op 6.

Michael addressed it with me awhile back, saying it wasn’t intended to be that frequent, never mentioned a bug. I’m simply making a dedicated post for it because it seems to have gotten way worse

Hm… ok. I personally don’t see the point in including the daily Horde in regular Frenzy matchmaking, when you literally have a direct option to choose only that map.

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Exactly. That’s my whole point that I feel like going crazy trying to emphasize…like, it’s right there. Doesn’t it make sense to say that if someone chooses a different option…then they didn’t want the first option???

Edit: I get trying to populate the dailies if there was an expectation they wouldn’t be popular or would have trouble filling lobbies. Fine. But, again, the frequency with which they come up, is ruining my game quality. If I have 45 mins to play, I don’t want to spend 15 of it just trying to avoid the daily I’ve already beat. It’s hard enough in MM to get a match to start without 1 or 2 players leaving before wave 1 starts.

My idea, is to release all of the “daily challenges” on the same day - all 7 of them. People can then choose which ones they do, and in what order.

The disadvantage for TC is that they won’t get people logging on everyday - some people may binge and clear them all in a couple of days.

The advantages are that it allows for more variety in the lobbies page; and it allows people who aren’t able to play everyday the opportunity to clear more of them on the days they are online for. So if you work long hours during the week, then you could binge at the weekend and still have time to clear them. Public matchmaking for the challenges will give you a pick of 3 of the 7 to vote on.

And for Escape especially, I’d like them to set the RNG filter to block the same hive from appearing from 3 days to 7 days. So if we get The Labyrinth on a Monday, then it’s taken out of the RNG rotation pool for the next 7 days and won’t have a chance of appearing again until the following Monday.

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I spoke to Michael about this a little while back, we’re looking to see if there’s a dedicated playlist for Frenzy we can provide that doesn’t pull in the daily challenge.

Fingers crossed!

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Could you fix the rotation for Escape before that?

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We know about the rotation also! No idea on what the status of it is, but yeah we know about it.


Would a possible option be to allow all of the modifiers into custom? That way the game could be played however whenever.

For example, what I think the OP is saying is if someone doesn’t want to play the modifiers for the daily map, there’s no way to put on the regular modifiers.

Thank you so much.

I just want the daily map to not come up in reg MM Frenzy. I’m not into diddling with the modifiers. For me, part of the fun is not having control over them.
But for custom, more options definitely means more satisfied players.

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Sorry, I missed the part you were loading into public Horde.

Haven’t done that myself in a while. If not mistaken Gears 5 doesn’t have map voting like Gears 4 did which was a step backwards.

I was thinking about custom where you are stuck with the daily modifiers for the chosen map.

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I like normal frenzy but they arent nearly as agressive as the daily challenge