Daily Class XP rewards for Horde

I’ve completed the Daily Challenge on Horde the last two days, and have not gotten the full rewards for it both times. Is this a known issue right now or not?


I completed the Horde Advanced Challenge and have not gotten the full Class XP for completing it. Which is 2,500 class XP for beginner and 5,000 class XP for advance. I get one 1,000 class XP for completing it.

This has been for both the last two days.

Known issue and getting fixed tomorrow.

Thank you, just found out myself.

What do you mean ?
An official announcement ?


“Also, the issue where players were getting incorrect rewards when completing the Daily Challenge will be resolved with tomorrow’s changes.”


And already more topics about this subject…

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I haven’t seen anything where they say it will be fixed …
They just talk about 2XP for a short time
So instead of receiving 7,500CXP as promised, we will receive a surprise of 2,000 CXP instead of 1,000 CXP

They mentioned it in the TWIG.

Knowing TC the fix will be to change the reward image to 1000cXP :sweat_smile:


surely, it’s easier to replace an image than to rewrite the code !

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