Daily challenge in horde frenzy

Can the devs remove the daily challenge from appearing in horde frenzy search?

If I wanted to play the daily challenge map again I would click on it

Tried searching for a frenzy on inconceivable and the daily challenge keeps popping up

Seems redundant


Just find a custom match. Only a handful of people are probably in public matchmaking for any map other than the daily hence why it would show up so often. Seriously.

Otherwise you’ll just be sitting in a lobby for Clocktower for an hour or two on the off chance someone else (or laughably 4 other people) are looking to play the same exact map as you at the same time on the same difficulty out of the twenty-something other maps.

The easiest fix for this anyway is to just remove public matchmaking for any map aside from the daily since no ones matchmakes for random maps anyway.

Speak for yourself. Plenty of us use public matchmaking most of the time…and there is rarely a problem filling lobbies unless it’s 4/5am.
The daily doesn’t need to be in the regular Frenzy option, period.


I agree. I really enjoy running horde for random maps instead of just joining set lobbies. I’d be more inclined to do customs if there was like a random map selector. Otherwise people just kinda pick what they want, easiest, daily, speedrun etc.


Yea, half the customs are the daily map but for 50 waves. No thanks.

Agreed OP

The horde frenzy option should be a totally random map which isn’t the daily. Customs do save the day a bit but even they are full of the generic maps.

I feel escape could do with that totally random option too as you literally come to a halt. Customs are full of XP runs and the daily/featured hives.

@TC_Kilo1062 is the daily even meant to show up in the “Horde Frenzy” matchmaking option? And if so, what’s the point of that?

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Or maybe one or two other maps that is loved.
And if I create a lobby then nearly nobody joines.
Versus A.I. is just mostly KOTH, sometimes TDM or Gridiron.
Other Versus is a laggy mess.
Escape is boring.
First Campaign is ■■■■.
Second Campaign is great but short and I had already done it once.
Gears 5 is boooooring…

Having random escapes would be great as well

Once I play them several times with different classes in half a day then there is nothing else to in escape until the new challenge appears the next day/week.

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I can’t commit to it happening but it has been flagged that we should look to find a way to offer queuing without it being the daily challenge all the time, fingers crossed!


Would it be possible to recreate something like the Halo 2 or Halo 5 customs browsers? Where you say “I want to play horde on [map] with enough slots for my party at minimum difficulty [suchandsuch]” and then it just tries to get you into a game? Basically automate the process many of us go through.

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Unfortunately I think the bottom line is that not enough people are playing public matchmaking to create quality matches of 5 players.

I remember when you could do public 1-50 matches id sometimes wait a long time to get 5 players, even not too long after this game launched.

It’s a shame, I wish you could get full games and be able to pick 1-50 or frenzy like you once could. Gears 6 I guess?

It’s a matter of player numbers and commitment. According to TC the 50 wave matchmaking option was removed because not enough matches of it finished, but I’m certain player population played a part as well. Putting aside the obvious ridiculousness of having no fails as the first non-Beginner modifier in standard matches, of course, so that even those who want to carry on if they fail a wave can’t because TC loves sensible, enjoyable game design.


That is a great point. Noobs who could only play lower level matches were forced to immediately beat it without dying. Nice. :man_facepalming:

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I’ve been saying this for a while now. Sometimes after completing the daily challenge, I’ll play a game or two to mess around and level up a different character. It makes no sense that the daily challenge has its own play list and is included with the regular play list. Even worse is how often it shows up.

I tried created a public custom lobby but the last couple of times I was not able to change the title/name of the lobby for some reason so I just didn’t bother. There were also times where I couldn’t change the difficulty, or, couldn’t choose Inconceivable. Not sure if it’s something I’m doing or not but the good thing is I have started trying and playing a variety of other games.

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The 3 worst modifiers on matchmaking advanced…that’ll ease the noobs into the game.
Seriously can’t wrap my head around who thought that was a good idea…


Classic TC, they can release useless skins all the time but can’t fix simple things like this and purchases with actual currency not appearing in your inventory.

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I’m still waiting(not really) for them to fix the chainsaw rev from RB to B.

Not holding my breath but it’s really annoying/frustrating. Especially when you get killed because of it.