Dailies pointless after General?

Just hit General over the weekend and just wondering if there is any reason at all to work on dailies still.

If not I guess it’s grinding reups as I find horse and escape insanely boring.

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No point. You get nothing


Yep so now you get to enjoy the game OP

Kinda relieved to not feel obligated to play as characters I don’t like or modes I don’t like.

I will admit the 10 escalation wins seemed like the most annoying thing ever because I hated the mode so much and now it seems to have Stockholm syndromed me…

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After I got the general achievement I quit playing. I might finish the campaign at some point but I might not. Who knows?

Yeah, did the Escalation matches day one as I figured that’s when the game would be flooded with the most casuals/beginners, and sure enough only took me 12 matches to get it.

For the next Operation, it’s only going to get worst, as most people left playing will be seasoned players. Let’s hope they’ll replace it with something else.

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why in gods name is it sooooooooooo long haha. and the placing of weapons slows things down even further. its pretty irritating… yet it can be fun in a competitive way haha. but man make it like 4 wins not 7! ive only played three times and all three went to the very last game. THATS 13 DAMN GAMES for one win haha. or god forbid all that for a loss.

yah this is an issue. i saw some live stream about a week ago and someone asked a dev about it and they seemed like they hadnt even ever considered it. i think the more ppl complain about it and the more ppl start finishing tour of duty the more they will hear and look at it. hopefully do something. even just xp bonuses for reups or tiny bits of scrap or something.

Wow, a complaint I actually agree with! Both the daily objectives and whatever medals left over is completely useless once you have reached General. That should not be the case. The stars should count towards something else then.