Daddy's Boy, Daddy's Boy, Daddy's Boy, Daddy's Boy, Daddy's Boy

OK, I like playing Horde. Gears 5’s version is a huge downgrade from 4, but that’s another topic. I’ve re-upped almost 8 times, mostly from playing Horde. And I couldn’t care less about the re-ups. They’re meaningless other than to provide context as to how much I’ve played (and I realize many people have re-upped many more times than I have).

Because I almost never have enough time to play through the asinine 50 wave benchmark, and because I don’t want to ever quit on a team that’s worthwhile, I almost always join matches in progress,

I’ve been trying to get JD’s Razor’s Hail to level 4 for a long time. To increase the chances, SUPPOSEDLY, I try to join matches on Insane or higher, preferably Master. I played a lot in the past few days. 15 waves on Insane, 3 green cards. 20 waves on Master; 3 greens and a blue. Other similar matches. This morning: had time to join an Insane match on wave 37. 14 waves; Daddy’s Boy, Daddy’s Boy. 2 cards I’ve never used, nor ever will use. I’ve got about 100 excess cards (above level 5) for JD alone.

“Randomness” is one thing, but delusion is another. I spent about 45 minutes this morning, for… nothing. Again.

The lack of any realistic ability to control your character’s progression, the 2 1/2 hours that it takes to complete 50 rounds on a high difficulty, the inability to sell useless cards, etc, is starting to make me think that I should start up a new RPG where I can perform actions that will purposefully and certainly upgrade my character.

Just a few thoughts from someone who has been a big supporter of the franchise for a long time.

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Old thread but still relevant.

I have level 5 daddy’s boy with 41 duplicates. 30% damage reduction near Marcus.

Anyone ever run it in higher level horde? Does it even make a noticeable difference? How close do you have to be?

Wouldn’t use it myself, but thought it might provide some help when helping someone level a JD up.

How close do you have to be!?
I don’t know! But try not to have a sex with Daddy, boy!