D A N III 3 L'S What's Down 5/25/2020

Welcome to DANIEL’S What’s Down, your weekly update on all of what’s been down, the newest things lacking on the game, game updates that broke further the mechanics in Gears 5 and beyond.

  1. Horde Map Editor: It has been AGES if not Millenieums that TC hasn’t addressed this, I think they are more occupied in creating new FUNKO POPS Dolls of Marcus or DEL , that delivering us the gooods on that subject… they promised the horde map editor, and still there is nowhere to be FOUND…

I even offered TC our HARD EARNED DOLLARS if they could give to us as a DLC such feature and they told me that its not their priority GO FIGURE !!! I gather they are rich and they don’t need our money anymore…

  1. THE " UNDER THE FLOOR ENEMIES " , not it seems TC are introducing some monsters that could fly under the floor, they haven’t giving to us new weapons to fight them… only FAZH X-RAY ULT , which I find it limited… I mean its not enough time to kill sub-terrain monsters if they squad them in larger numbers !!.. my god !!

  2. THe long requested option that could allow us to BUY ANY WEAPON we want , its still not there… previously our friend RYAN " THE WIZARD OF OZ " CLEVENS , told us that it was a feature that they would implement but due of shortage of time they couldn’t so… I WONDER , when if EVER they are going to add such feature… They don’t want us to have fun with their ALREADY BORING GAME AS IT IS…

  3. A wyvern " pajaro loco " skin for the lancer 500 ? I mean c’mon still TC can get right their prices… if it was a BIG BIRD SKIN FOR THE LANCER I would buy that… buy common the bird its not even cool right now…

  4. LACK OF MAPS … yes its May of 2020 , and still we have the same maps… and to get matters worse the PAPAYA MAP OR PAHANU its a horrible forest that doesnt look like a jungle… back again at point 1 , we really need the horde map editor… playing the same maps its like playing MONOPOLY ALL DAY 7 DAYS A WEEK… COMPLETELY INSANE!!!.

  5. DAVE " THE CLOWN " @TC_Clown hasn’t appeared yet in the forums I wonder if TC apply to him some " CARTEL TACTICS" and dissappeared him somehow… I know how that works. I’m Mexican.

Well that’s about it… the game is boring still and we still have to keep our checkbooks and bank accounts with us, since the game doesn’t entice us to spend more money into it . I gather Funko pop dolls are they way to go for them.



New Maps + Remakes:

  1. Asylum
  2. Bunker
  3. District
  4. Exhibit
  5. Icebound
  6. Training Grounds
  7. Vasgar
  8. Allfathers Arena
  9. Pahanu
  10. Dam
  11. Foundation
  12. Harbor
  13. Reclaimed
  14. Lift
  15. Canals
  16. Forge

yes @Nineteenth_Hour but we have played those to the edge of boredom … why TC doesnt deliver more maps faster ? … even if they could be released via DLC … people would pay…

I rather pay for new maps to play than playing those over and over and over again .


pahanu and a remaster and that was it… and then the long wait for 6 more months…


There are no pictures included this time, I’m confused!


the last time I posted a " DANIEL’S What’s up " I suggested some new characters and I posted some pictures of them… but this time I didn’t that why the pics were not needed man hahahahaha :smile:

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In a side note: You guys missed the chance to see PapaLove comeback, he was around in the forums today! lol

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Pahanu is a fan favourite, everybody loves pahanu. MORE PLEASE. I definitely don’t want a remake of an old map. TC are more than capable to give us Pahanu 2.0


I understand the game as a service business model, but if that was the case they should have given the game for free then… since its way to monetize it will be by selling skins, maps , and features in this case but that was not the case in Gears 5 .

it was sold as a complete game and they even released a DELUXE Edition Game as it is… and the game only was released with 4 maps… the game at that point in time was a incomplete game with the asking price of a full game that is supposed to be complete.

if its going to be as GaaS game , then next time should be advertized like that… and not fooling around with the public pretending its a complete game where it isnt… its a beta at best.



Next thread please

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I don’t know him man … hahahahaa does he play good Gears of War ? @Dreamz_Maker

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Nah, he is a member of Love Advisory Council :sweat_smile:

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hahahhahahaha :smile:

I don’t know my friend why would you hang around with people on those organizations…

you have a dual monitor 4k setup to play gears of war… you don’t need anything else !! hahahahaha :smile:

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Said by Mr. Chief Technology Officer! ~Okay, leaving before getting banned! :sweat_smile:

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I think I could get banned someday… I know TC its not happy with me for saying the things I say here hahahaha :smile:

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