CXP should always be part of daily rewards

I have some friends who want to level up new classes, daily cxp rewards are great but they appear like once every 2 weeks most of the time you get the 2500 and then its just extra cards…

The game has been out for 2 years now, almost… I think we can move away from this attitude towards new players of “grind away, my child”

2500/5000/15000 cxp should be an automatic “passive” reward for daily maps, and then cards or gc on top of that…



Like Week 1 with cards reward… Week 2 with CXP reward…Week 3 with cards reward…

Althought the selection of reward is the perfect choice, TC won’t take any Suggestions in making better reward mechanism.

Im max xp though, what do i get from this?

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You can play a second account :wink:


Ummm the 2500 for beginner are CXP.
The weekly also offers 30k CXP.
I’m sure over time it evens out between cards, coins and cxp, but a rotation might make it more transparent.

Oh I see what you mean, but come on it’s really not hard to get a class to 20…

Doesn’t the daily is a random RNG ?

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It is but assuming equal chances for each of the three for each difficulty it will even out with enough days.
It will look streaky though probabilities and all.
If it would rotate it would be easier to see that no reward is favoured over the other.

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If you remember there’re 3 days Daily with the same Modifier with different Maps :stuck_out_tongue:

That is well in the range of random :stuck_out_tongue:


Now if in 200 days 180 are the same, yeah unlikely :stuck_out_tongue:
I think we are talking past each other though, I’m absolutely in favour of rotating than random pick rewards.

Just saying there is no favour to a specific reward that I can see.

CXP gains need a buff across the board, it takes forever to get to 18 (and as a result, stronger and in some cases actually useful skill cards) for new players. Adding them to dailies doesn’t cut it when the good chunks are locked to Incon difficulty.

I hope Gears 6 eases up on the grind in this area. IMO it’s the worst meta aspect of PvE in 5.


Well if you actually read the post you will see what you get out of it.

If you only skim, reading every 5th sentence, no point in trying to explain here, since you’ll just miss it here too :grin:

I do see and get your point, but you also need to bear in mind those of us who have maxed classes and max re-up have no need of CXP or re-up XP and pretty much only do the dailies for the cards and coins.

Having said that, I wouldn’t mind at all if the Beginner reward was always CXP as long as the Advanced and Incon was always either cards or coins.

However I think they have the balance about right at the moment. Some weeks tend to be heavy on CXP, some coins and some cards. So there’s something for everyone, you just need to pick and choose which dailies to do.

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I’d support the idea of being able to reroll one of the daily rewards which would guarantee changing it to a different reward type.

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Use GC to reroll reward and still have GC as reward :slightly_smiling_face:

We probably have a different definition of forever heh.
Even getting to 20 is a breeze compared to other games.

The reup thing before the nerf might have been hard but leveling is a breeze imo.
Accounting also for the fact you don’t need to level every class to 20.

I did and theres nothing much i would get from any of these…

We should get to pick what rewards we are given.

But tc are the brains here🤣


CXP with boost is fine. But once you get rid of the boost…

The 15k cxp from doing an incon seems pretty rare, and the 2500 from doing beginner is not enough. A 5k bonus should be more frequent.

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