Cutscenes major lag/stuttering

Anyone else experiencing major stuttering during cutscenes? It’s getting to the point where the frame will lag and hang there for the duration of the whole cutscene which I end up missing out the entire cutscene. Gameplay is completely smooth and no lag or stuttering at all which I find to be super weird.


What are you playing it on?

PC running a 1070 on high settings. It set the recommended to ultra so I thought that might’ve been the issue but changing the graphics don’t seem to help. I’ve even tried to redownload and all that but no dice.

Xbox one x here. Cutscenes are fine. Some of the graphics tho are a little rough around the edges.

No choppiness or lag tho.

Ahh guess I should’ve bought an xbox :frowning:

Nah. Def not saying that. Someone that plays on pc might be able to help you tho.

I am experiencing the same issue with cut scenes.

My 1660ti is only running at 70% but the gameplay is smooth?

I think it may have something to do with pre loading in the background while playing the cutscene.

I have not seen an official response to this yet.



I am also experiencing the same issues, game runs silky smooth on ultra almost everything (using the recommended settings, GTX 1070 Ti, i5-8600K and 16 GB RAM), but cutscenes are a stuttery mess. Reducing quality settings to high made some slight improvements to cutscene stutter, but still very bad, and it doesn’t really make much sense when the game runs perfectly otherwise?

My setup is 8700K, 1080ti, 16GB RAM and I am stuttering.
The day started with a headache so maybe that exaggerated the stutters in my mind or may be it is actually stuttering. I am going to try and lower the setting I was using the in-game recommended settings.
The game looks beautiful BTW.

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I also stutter even with 9900k and RTX 20800, 32 GB RAM.

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same stutters here.

I’m on PC, my game has crashed during some cutscenes.

Yeah im having the same issues i5 8600k 8gb ram gaming x 1660 on ultra settings with the ultra download keep getting heavy lag in cut scenes and playing the game might wait a couple of days for some patches before i continue im loving the game but the lag is killing it

Same here. i7 7700k and 1080.

Hoping for nvidia drivers to fix this… if they decide to release soon.

Xbox Master Race here!The Cutscenes are running perfect👌

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Okay lads the problem for me was the Ultra HD Texture pack that was making it stutter in the cutscenes. The difference between the visuals of it being on or off is pretty small for me at least so feel free to try that out.

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wait, so uninstalling those fixed it completely?

Thanks for this workaround :slight_smile:

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wait is the texture pack only intended for players that are playing in 4k? if so that would explain it for me cuz im only in 1440p.

I don’t think so since I’m also playing in 4k so my guess is the HD pack might not be really well optimized or something. Maybe it’ll be in the future but honestly the difference is barely noticeable.