Customized Weapon Skins

This may sound stupid but I purchased a customized weapon skin and I’m unable to add it. Can someone plz help me?

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Please try to reset the game and try again .

it should work .

Have you tried that ? = )


I will restart my console right now and let you know in a moment.

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Thanks, I happened to have the same situation and I did that and it worked = )

Thanks a lot, that worked ! :slight_smile:

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Excellent Jflash just dont buy Delivery Driver Mac = )

Kind Regards.


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haha no problem. Another question where can I find like history of my purchases? I ask cause I purchased some esports skins ( I assume I can only use them in esports?) for gears and I haven’t been able to use them yet.

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Jflash in order to see the history of the purchases you have to log on to your Microsoft Store account in there you will see all purchases made within the games.

I dont know however how to access that information on xbox, only through the computer.

weird yea I see it was like for in game currency but sucks… if you ever wanna play let me know.

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Thanks Jflash = ) most kind ,