Customization not installed *I figured it out finally* (Options then Install Manager PC/Xbox fix for missing content)

So the game did a lovely reinstall from the game pass app here on windows. After it installed everything launch the game, had more stuff to install. Eventually it installed all of it stuff and now the customizations is broke. Restarted the pc twice, checked for updates and even joined some games nothing will trigger it to download. Really don’t want to reinstall it. Any character I choose that isn’t starting character won’t show skins in game or in menu. Anyone have ideas to avoid reinstalling again.


Make sure it finished installing, on xbox series x I could play the game and it said ready to start 100.0% but the gigs kept going up, and hive busters was qued below it, eventually when it got to about 82 G both of them went into recently installed, just thinking maybe your intalation hadn’t quite finished,


I would like to know the solution to this problem as well.

I found it. Under options there is tab called Install manager. Should fix the issue. Never would of thought to look through all the settings but its there.


A while ago MS stated that to save on storage space they intending on donig things like this, so people could install the parts of the game they cared about.

They did a poor job of announcing that it was implemented now though, leaving many users confused about wtf was going on.


Agree on that. Just a little announcement or even a hint would of been nice lol


It should have been in the patch notes.


Nice job.
I can confirm this is the solution to the Xbox version as well.


if i uninstall it, when I re-launch the game will I be able to install it again? Cuz I bought a chrome steel character but it doesnt appear in my inventory. Does this have anything to do with it?

I’m fairly certain you’ll be able to reinstall that part of the game again, as the files don’t just disappear from everywhere entirely. Just have to download them again if you delete something from your device.

Im on Xbox app PC. I triggered the installation but the percentage installed doesn’t show up. Just says installing for both customization and dlc.

Anyone else have this issue and have solved it? It’s been stuck like this for an hour with no progress

I take it these options don’t exist for Gears of War 4?
I don’t play the multiplayer on that any more, and I’d like to reduce the file size if possible.
I know this is a Gears 5 topic, but I was hoping to find answers.

Thank you. It was bothering me for a good while. You are a saint

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So will this fixes the offline lans missing char skin problem?