Customization Menu Update

Anyone else think there needs to be a update to the customization menu? I know it’s early in Gears 5’s life and I don’t know what plans T.C. has but I would love to have individual weapon skin, execution, bloodspray loadouts for each character or at least each team like they did in four. Plus being able to select the character and skinyou want to play as before going into a match would be very helpful.

Any thoughts on this?


I’ve been saying this since the Tech Test, when I realized they actually downgraded from GOW4 for no apparent reason. This dev team makes some mind-boggling decisions.

They easily could just toss it all in the character customization, which would be an upgrade, but at the very least they should have never taken away character/weapon skin customization being separate per faction and Horde.

I asked TC Octus on Twitter, during the Tech Test, and he said there were currently no plans to do it separately. This is such a weird dev team.


That blows, but hopefully with enough people wanting it in the community they will change it. Plus I could have sworn I heard or read somewhere that they were planning on making a customization system where weapon skins, executions, etc. would be loadouts for individual characters or teams. I just can’t remember where I heard/read it.


this is something constructive and i think TC will get on board with it. id love to have each skin have my own preset skin loadout

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Here’s my tweet to him from the end of July:

I actually asked about setting things separately, so I thought maybe he misunderstood and was just answering saying they don’t plan to do that, but that we would still be able to set everything per faction. We got neither though.

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Even though he said that I still hold hope that they will do that. I’ll have to look up where I read that they were planning on doing that. It just makes sense to do that though and if enough people want it especially this early in the game then there is a good chance of it happening

There needs to be an option to set expressions and banners for every character at once rather than having to click through and change every single one whenever you want to make a change.


YES! The only character I have different expressions set to is Terminator, since he doesn’t talk. Many Quality of Life improvements are needed within the menus and UI.

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Yes, at least, I hope that we can define it in a group of ways. Have always liked to take red tones for swarm and blue (UUR Elite) for KOR Becauses fits so nicely and underlines the team colors. For Horde like something military green (UUR green).

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