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So a quick question: I’m baffled by Gears 5’s customisation system and I need some help understanding it. I don’t play a great deal, so please be gentle - I realise these questions will probably seem very unnecessary to some.
To begin: what happens to supply drops? When a multiplayer match concludes I’m often told I’ve earned one, but I can’t find them to open.
Where are the character and weapon skin? I believ, from what I’ve read, that you have to play Horde and Escape a certain amount but I don’t like these modes. Is that it for me as regards characters? I always loved unlocking them in previous games, and even in Gears 4 if you burned scrap you could expand your roster that way.

So, although this is a hot point of debate right now, you essentially have 4 ways to unlock customization content:
-Purchase through store
-Unlock through Tour of Duty
-Receive in Supply Drop (To answer your question, these are automatically added to your inventory once earned)
-Unlock using scrap

To unlock the content of the Tour of Duty, you will naturally have to complete the current operation’s medal challenges and do your daily challenges, which may take you out of your comfort zone, as many of the challenges must be completed on Horde and Escape (and quite frankly, they are easier to complete in these modes.)

At this time, there are 4 additional character skins in the Tour of Duty progression, along with 3 or 4 more (can’t recall) for completing medal sets (go to Tour of Duty --> Tour Medals) There are also skins and emotes.

As you complete matches, you will earn scrap as well, and some weapon skins are available to craft using scrap, as are many of the ‘marks’ and ‘banners’. In the customization screen, you will be able to see how to unlock certain content, as it will usually say something like "Not Craftable - “Tour of Duty 1”

btw Tour of Duty 1 ends in December so you’ve got plenty of time.

It’s a strange system, but it’s what we’ve got!!

Ok thanks for that. It confirms what I thought I knew - and feared!

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I should note that the in-store content is available for usually only 1 week - after which, the items are “vaulted”. We haven’t received confirmation that these items will be re-released at a later date.

So, if you, like me, did not purchase Delivery Driver Mac or Quartermaster Keegan, I’m not sure if these characters will be available again for quite a long time, if ever. :sleepy:

I’m sure they will have DD Mac in both chrome steel and Christmas sweater versions soon enough. :joy:

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