Custom Voiced Characters

What do you fellow Gears players think of having custom characters? While there are plenty of characters with different skins, plus the voices and emotes, what I’m talking about is creating a character from scratch, like a Gears RPG you could say where you customize your character’s appearance. Not only that, but when playing multiplayer, you can use default dialogue whenever you swap a weapon, get a kill with a certain way, etc, imagine being able to record your voice and tweaking it if you wish.

What do you think of that?

No, no, no
Hearing a bunch of Kids doing their best Marcus impression is definitely something I don’t want to hear…
Or the “Son your Meatloafs getting cold”


I second the notion of the post above, but also…

Creating a custom female character wouldn’t really be too great if you’re you know, not a woman yourself.

“Garbage can lmao”

“ez kid”

“You’re dog water”

“I f**ked you up”

“F**king garbage”

“Trash a*s mf”


the demographic you guys think play this game is…strange. They’ll probably have a few toxic people yes but I highly doubt there are many kids playing gears. You’ll mostly hear Spanish quotes if anything since they dominate the gears population.

edit - also no this is a bad idea, sorry op that’s too much freedom.


I agree. Stupid people? Yeah, sure. Immature people? Yep. Toxic people? Yeah. But kids, as in people around their teenage years? I very much doubt there are many of them. Even @TC_Clown has grown up now and is no longer a teen.

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I’ve grown in years but not in maturity.

No. I don’t trust people not to make seriously annoying and hideous characters/custom voices.

Gears 6 should just have various GEARS LORE characters with no customisation, not including weapons, or third party scum.

I don’t trust people not to abuse the current emote system.

I just love being in games where teammates ignore the ring and just run around the map while spamming an annoying laugh emote. That never gets old.


You had me at:


Not up for your idea.
Maybe using default character and being able to change some pieces of the armor and switch from regular to black steel/ chrome steel would be it. Too many colors and it will feel like Judgement again.

And I wouldn’t want to hear these squeaky as kids say any “your mom” jokes

I’m not sure I like my Hoffman having Marcus Fenixs voice but I’ve had that since unlocking him lol

Just incase Rainbow bloodsprays were not enough, we would have that :slight_smile:

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