Custom modifiers in custom horde games

Something fun for TC to consider, having custom modifiers for custom lobbies. Or even custom perks for each class. I know the game is losing momentum, but this would even be a fun idea for the next horde installment.


I would have loved for this to be added to horde. I would really like to have the regular modifers but instead of more health there is the Triple Health Modifier and instead of Regeneration there is Healing Heavies.

I just want to get alot of damage, basically.


Me waiting for that moment :


For the more dense people, this is a joke. I play Horde on a daily basis, of course I have fun lol.


Liar. You’re just a masochist :stuck_out_tongue:

whoa whoa cmon man don’t expose me like that. Atleast you aren’t kink shaming me.

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Awww right…sorry horses did just run through.

Would love for it to happen, but it won’t, with TC being done with the game.

The combinations and the gameplay options would be unreal.

Not really worthy of an own thread but TC did in fact apply Versus skins to AI-enemies for the JJ-event but never even considered adding that as an option for normal horde despite there being skins for plenty of the Locust enemies that would also help with their absolute garbage visibility and make them easier to identify.

Then again, custom horde lobbies have been borderline broken the 3 last months for me so it’s probably better they never messed around much with the lobby system.

Said this many times myself.

Just add the modifier to be a plus or minus like in Gears 3 with the Mutators and that would make so many interesting types of games.

They give all this freedom to VS players to mess around with stuff but not Horde players. Makes since as ive only ever played with anyone at TC on Beginner difficulty.

(Payed with TC members six differnt times btw)



Yeah, they would rather give emotes and blood sprays, instead of fun content. Maybe 6 will be better. Here’s hoping!

Mutator 1-7: Bubble Head
The head of the enemies will be so large it will cause a heavy damage to the space-time! They will become living and moving anomalies of the impossible! The COG will crush in the gravity of this situation!

This is a no brainer. All features and events should be in custom.

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How would you maintain difficulty levels if you could pick and choose which custom mutators to use?

More Lethal
Even Tougher Enemies
Close Range Gambit
Aggressive Enemies
Healing Heavies
Power Drain

I would be one happy guy if I could play with this modifier set as Blademaster/Infiltrator on Village, Ritual, River, Asylum or Nexus. This would be my ideal set of modifiers if I wanted a good challenge but also have fun at the same time. Only if I had my friends with me though.

@Ultra_Gnasty what do you think of this mutator set? Imagine the numbers we could put up.

Please TC let me choose my mutators. I only want the one positive one. All the others are negative mutators.

Sorry to tag @TC_MichaelAOS I know you’re a busy man. Is there any way for us to be able to choose our own mutator set? It would get so many people playing. Maybe have a limit? A choice of 5 negative mutators with one always having to be Survivor and 2 positive modifiers?


You missing the Reflective Shield Heavies :stuck_out_tongue: or whatever that’s called that makes enemies go blue and reflect the damage to you.

On a similar note, what happens with Blademaster / Thrill of the Hunt against a bleeding enemy that’s deflecting the damage? :sweat_smile: got curious.

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For reflect grenadiers you have enough time to melee combo them and meatshield before the reflect kills you. Reflect Heavies? You can use Electroblade on them and the reflect wont hurt you. Melee damage goes through the shell and with Brawler and Blade Dancer cards you can beat them down and kill them in the Ult.

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This sounds like a party to me lol. I can already imagine the amount of damage we’ll have in the end. I’ll probably be using the ultimate twice as Blademaster for each wave. Maybe even three times for boss waves if it isn’t a Kestrel.

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The highest ive gotten on a regular map with regular modifiers was 14 million and thats because the people in my game weren’t that experienced. I would say with those modifiers we could probably both get that much.

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I got nearly 8 million over 50 waves on reclaimed couple of days ago as Blademaster. I was well pleased with that but it looks like I’m still missing something damage wise. The other randoms were all decent too and knew what they were doing, maybe that’s why.

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Would be a fantastic longevity addition and certainly something that should be top priority outside of the next title.

I’d imagine it wouldn’t be absolutely crazy work to add into the game, but what do I know.

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