Custom lancer design

Cosmetically, which custom lancer do you prefer, gears of war 4 or 5?

Gears 5.

The wooden stock in 4 seems like it could set on fire.

I’d love to explode an Incendiary on it and just chuck the whole thing at someone :eyes:

But out of the two choices,

I like 4s.

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The 4’s version looks too home made. I prefer the more tactical and proven in combat / testing stock. It’s probably more suitable for handling and recoil. And wide manufactured.

Which is ironic because of 5’s new recoil

  1. It had the magic of storytelling behind it. You saw it and knew Marcus put that together with whatever tools he had available. There’s something charming about that.

So funny

It is. Marcus made them in his spare time at his house.