Custom Horde Matches

With the daily horde having custom mutators. I think tc should make it so we can create our own custom horde matches with different mutators. Keeping.more health, and more lethal as a base to start. What’s everyone’s thoughts on this?

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If we could select our own mutators then there won’t be a need for a daily “challenge”. Not to mention the system would likely be abused in some fashion and you know TC’s policy regarding that.

In my case, I dropped Horde during OP1 and never really cared about Escape, now without the “Hero BS system restrictions” and the daily challenges, I’ve been playing Escape pretty much every day and Horde quite often. I love it the way it is.

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I don’t think it would take away from the daily, but you’re right it would get abused. I think if it was done right it could work though. Replacing mutators with a same balanced mutator type. I just want more aggressive mutator honestly.

And agreed love the changes. I’m playing way more escape and really getting into learning these hives, and how to balance classes for these modes.

Nop cause people can use it to create extremely easy games just for farm and this way it’s the most equilibrantes

Any match is easy with the right people, and class setup. It’s not hard to make it right. Replace mutators with only balanced difficulty mutators. That way you cant make it a cake walk for anyone. Still will need some sort of skill. We run master speed runs all the time. These daily’s have been a blast,

In terms of the daily horde challenge mutators you should only have the option to toggle on/off the mutators they have selected for the challenge in custom or else there is no point to it being a daily challenge. I do agree that for custom horde (and escape) in general though it would be great if they just gave us a list of all the different mutators they have in the game and let us select whichever 7 we wanted for master runs. With that said though selecting something like x3 headshot damage should drop the xp or something whereas something like ultra stopping power should be rewarded. Basically you get less for selecting ones that make things easier while selecting ones that make it more difficult will net you a higher reward.