Custom Horde Event

I enjoy Gears 5, and have few problems with the game because I don’t see the world as over when a game doesn’t work the way I wish it to, like most rational adults. However, this Jingle Juvies event got me thinking as I waited for 73 minutes in the queue.
The ability to make a custom horde lobby would speed this up immeasurably, I’d say.


What difficulty were you on? Advanced? I find in any mode of horde, Advanced wait times are the longest. People usually go for the lowest or highest level it seems.
I don’t think I’ve ever waited more than 4 or 5 minutes for a horde match and most of my playing time is between 4-7am. If I get beyond 2 mins or so, I back out and search again, then I seem to find a match quicker…almost as if sometimes you get stuck in some kind of limbo where you’re passed over.
As for Jingle Juvies …I think alotta people are over it pretty quick and aren’t playing much. I certainly was when I realized it’s mostly people working for medals and leaving before wave 10. All horde events should have a custom option though.

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they need to just get rid of the “official” lobby option and make it custom only. All I see come out of the auto-match making are people complaining that everyone left or that they can’t find games. Meanwhile customs show the players, a title, and you can play with plenty of time to spare on what class to pick.

Plenty of people play MM just fine. I don’t want to be in someone’s custom lobby all the time with their rules and indiscriminate kick abilities…and I’m not saying it should be different but that’s just not always the super serious game I want to play. Negatives come with both custom and MM, I’ve had plenty of shotty experiences in custom games.

Just because people complain about their experience in a MM match or two, doesn’t mean they didn’t have 5 that went well. People will ■■■■■ no matter what.

Huh? I find the obligatory 1 minute (more as players enter) in MM to be plenty of time to get my class situated…much better than the 10 or 15 seconds I get when a custom host starts the game as soon as I enter the lobby.


that isnt the only point i made about why its ■■■■.

Now I have no problems doing the juvie event but I fully agree, I don’t see a reason why it should not be in the customs lobbies.
I assume your problem with the wait time is your location, for what it’s worth random matchups for this events seem to stick to a region.
Only way I can explain me never getting over 20 ping when doing randoms.

That is random matchmaking to you, for every complainer there is probably 2 or 3 that enjoyed the ride.
Why would you remove it ?
I only would agree to the part where it is basically forced, the event should be in custom lobbies.

How does the saying go “For each bad experience you need 10 to good ones make it even.”… or so.

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Yeah I enjoy that I can’t do incon jingle juuvies because every game I get there is at least 1 guy who just afks at the start for exp. Fun experience I love that I cannot kick him or make a proper team for the event. I’m sure the other 3 people who joined and died at wave 2 had a blast.

Again I agree with the part of making it available in custom lobbies, not with the part of removing random matchmaking,.
Insider hint though, if you make a team of 5 you get instant queues.

Even if you can’t field 5 even 3 can go in at the same time, If you still fail then the problem is not the randoms.

Having friends online is the key. Since the launch of the game I have never been able to play any event just by matchmaking on my own. I’m in Australia so I could wait till cows come home to find a match. The longest I have waited was 10 min and never again.

I’m fortunate to have a descent group of friends that are always keen on playing. We did this event 5 times now on Incon and we love it. Having events in custom would be great. Should of been done long ago.


Guess I need to get an Oceania squad together, or play when everyone’s awake :stuck_out_tongue: Cheers guys

Why don’t you do the Jingle Juvie in Beginner then!? Let’s have fun and kill those zomb… I mean juvies! :sunglasses:

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I too face the same problem…

Waiting times are really high, and I don’t even find a match.

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This is why Horde events need to be playable privately. It’s only available for a short time, and the majority are seemingly only playing until the meet the medal requirements, so TC needs to actually be pro-consumer again and put earnable content back into private versus, make horde events available privately, and actually let people play the damn game in a way that’s enjoyable. There’s no intelligent or legitimate reason to lock out PvE players like this, only selfish ones. Gears 5 has done just about everything it can to push most fans away, but if they don’t change their anti-consumer stance before 6 launches, they’re going to lose at the very least two more hardcore, Day 1 Gears fans permanently.

If you create/join a squad with 4 others from your social list you will queue immediately.

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