Custom Hive sharing topic

If you guys have any custom maps you made, post them here so we can all play them.
I would post mine but I cannot play right now but when I can, I will make sure to.


I like making hives on occasion, so here’s a few:

The Capital | R1MXGV

This is the first hive I made. It consists of three possible paths, and three acts in total. Regardless of which path you take, the third act will be the same. This hive has just about every weapon in the game, so any class can be useful.

The third act used to be a lot harder before the AI health got nerfed and all that. It really isn’t anything impressive these days, and I can’t update it anymore as every single title update increased the spent budget to the point it exceeds it now.

The Entropy | 29Q60J

I made this hive as an entry for what was supposed to be the 2019 Halloween Featured Community Hive update (which got quietly swept under the rug). Both acts involve seeing the exit at the very beginning, but having to go around a chasm to get there, all while a ridiculous amount of Poppers and Sires lurk in the darkness.

Venom pressure is quite intense, so Hivebusters can be good. CQC classes might suffer due to all the fireworks that rival July 4th.

The Holdout | PYQN3F

This is my favorite creation. A one-act hive where the venom will fill the entire hive as soon as it explodes and instantly kill you, unless you get out in time, of course. Thr enemies on the hive are strictly CQC.

I designed the hive to be “anti-hivebuster”, so it is better to use other classes. Infiltrator, Nomad and Gunner are particularly great.

I have others, but due to not being able to change modifiers, or script doors, they are not functional or even remotely fun.


I have posted mine but it’s unfortunately broken in the last act:


I haven’t even attempted making maps, I might give this a shot some time when i’m bored. :slight_smile:

Well, 3 weeks later, I have created my first hive. It’s called Lost Facility.

It’s a four act hive, which I completed Solo Master so possible to do alone but much more fun with friends.

I decided to create a risk/reward scheme for each area. Lots of strong weapons here, but will you risk facing the clusters of enemies for additional firepower or weapons lockers?

Lost Facility - 1XDN0G

My next planned hive, which I might create today, The Promotion. The idea is to create a hive for Promotional classes.

It’s a real shame TC could not just give a seal of approval on selected hives to be used as official hives and release them on a weekly basis.



Remember that idea I had to challenge you and/or some of your colleagues to try out some community created Escape Hives live on the Developer’s Stream? Here’s some for you to consider! :sunglasses:


So non-lethal deep venom is a thing in customs? Never seen that before. Ch1 immediately being covered in nothing but deep venom was kinda scary.

We should have Monthly Custom Hive Challenge for Coins :money_mouth_face:.

That would be a good way to help extend the lifetime of the game.


love this idea and thread, hope to see some good ones pop up. I’ve created a few and will post them when I can. thanks tc

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It’s underrated since launch.

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With herr, I finally try out your 3 Custom Hives. It is OK to play, which is not too difficult at all or somehow it’s Easy though.

Glad you tried them out. They weren’t supposed to be ridiculously difficult or unfair.


Yes, thanks.

I think this Thread should be Highlighted by TC. It’s still too underrated to players know if there’re some Good Custom Hives to play.

There’s probably less than 100 people ( probably significantly less) who actually care about Customs hives. Just look at this thread - barren wasteland.

And the average rando probably mastered the Clock once, ran through Surge thousands of times and hasn’t seen a single other hive. So why even bother with Custom hives where the malicious grind also comes to a full stop.

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It’s also frustrated when you see Re-up 50 doing the Speedrun lol.

The Surge,.no…it’s Top 3 Fun Hives playing in Master. I just used Protector to play joining other’s Lobby while you’re not here, which I highly overrate the Buff of Protector. The Resistance is just Too Weak.

Mostly people, who want to play Custom Hives, are those who are Re-Up 50 because they almost finish Farming. I don’t really Grind for Cards on Purpose, so I just don’t know if it’s important to Level Up Cards from Lv 5 to Lv 6.

For Escape Pros Only - Y7H42Y

It’s a shame community maps never got traction, it’s an underrated feature.

You should get reported for “low quality”-post. @ Everyone else; don’t waste your time, it’s literally just the spawn-room and the helipad-tile.


When I posted my custom hive “Nightmare”, I mentioned that my hive consists of something that isn’t seen in any official hive. Non-lethal insta-Venom is what I was refering to.

It still shuts the LZ gates though.

I’d actually really like to play some of them once I get back to gears, it’s just destroying the motivation to play that most of the custom hives are just like: “Haha, 100000 enemies go Brrrrrr” and then that’s it.
I understand it takes loads of effort, but this has just stopped me from using the feature