Custom games not working/Versus Event Medal Wins Not Counting

Hosting a daily Horde Frenzy everyone joining my game instantly gets booted, tried to join other games, failure to join message.

also posting again that versus event matches and round wins aren’t counting
since one of the mods here can’t take a joke and like to censor, and clearly don’t understand the Gears community, (this is a M rated game btw)

as I can see other locked threads recently posted that are just people criticizing or unhappy with the game,which they are allowed to be. rip ggzii as well dudes like re up 30 or something and obviously likes gears, but also gets banned/censored even though he clearly likes gears/plays gears. like do yall understand anyone that plays vidya games. do u play games/yr own game.?

So I wasn’t the only one after all. I had this for a few minutes and then I was able to join lobbies again. TC is probably doing a little something again and didn’t feel like it was worth a tweet.

I think they might have fixed it now. My last couple of games registered progress.


yea works for me