Custom escape rewards

Hello fellow gears, I recently created a custom escape map. After publishing I played it, and noticed that I’m getting ribbons and such. But at the end there is no xp or anything. I guess it doesn’t count towards medals or levels? Do you get anything for playing a custom escape?

Unfortunately you don’t get XP or medal progress from community made hive maps. It’ s to prevent boosting medals or XP. You at least get an achievement out of creating a hive map and also completing one.

You do get all the progress if you set up a custom Escape match on the TC made maps though. I have set up some custom matches and locked out the other 2 player slots to finish a daily challenge or progress in my medals and it has worked.

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Okay, thanks!

Thanks for the info! However, I find it extremely dumb & cocky for devs to do so, because boosting or not, TC- made maps are getting redundant over time, and if they are to lock the progress for custom maps - then why did they bother allowing us to create customs in the first place?
Let me get it straight: in a game which multiplayer rewards provoke grind in favor of everything, devs give the tools to create custom maps to the players while simultaneously dropping the rewards for playing said custom maps. What is this idiocy?

It’s all a marketing ploy like mostly everything in this game. So that TC can say we gave players the option to create their own custom maps. Never seen in GOW. We are so innovative. In reality players spend hours building those maps so you can get nothing from playing them. People playing for fun is a long gone idea. Playing to earn a reward or playing towards something is what makes players constantly play or stay with a game in the long run. I for one don’t have time to play for “Fun” with a wife, kids, and full time job. I get about 2hrs if I’m lucky to play everyday and I use it to complete TOD challenges and make progress on my Medals. I created a custom map and played the TC made one just for the achievements and haven’t touched it since. There is no incentive to keep playing or creating custom maps since I can just play the Weekly Hives or Past Hives and get a lot of rewards.

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