-Custom Escape- needs a bots option

When you want to grind the Escape & Hivebusters medals but you wish you had bots to revive you


Honestly, the bots would be a bad idea in Escape. If you watch them in Versus, they prioritize the enemy over you.

If you go down, they try to finish their kill before reviving you which can leave you in the open for 10 seconds before the bot even decides to come back, and hit you with a revive.

I’m not saying it shouldn’t be added as it’s weird all other modes have bot options except Escape, it’s just TC might have thought of this when considering to add them as a feature to Escape.

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They’re useless anyway and nowhere near as good as another player. There’s not much point in grinding medals since it really doesn’t net you much.

In theory yes, but when you look at the AI generally, we are decades away from having something that would actually make this work.

Actually, Escape reminds me of Left 4 Dead, which actually did have decent bots.

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