Custom Control Gnashers Only Glitch?

Fellow gears just a quick question. Tonight a bunch of us were doing a Custom Control match gnashers only. We had a player enter the game and he could switch to any weapon he wanted to. The player started with the gnasher and lancer then they would be using the retro, then enforcer and so forth. I have seen a glitch from time to time where you would start with a lancer and gnasher but never be able to switch to any weapon.

Anyone else seen or heard of this before or potential hack?


Any screenshots or recordings? Otherwise it’ll be hard to prove this happened. Regardless that’s pretty strange…

I think the weirdest thing I’ve had happen in a custom match is that we swapped the Embar to Longshot because Embar big dumb and it would still appears as a Embar. It was fixed with a simple lobby reset though!

Unfortunately I got no screenshot or recording just 5 other witnesses. I have the player’s gamertag but don’t want to assume it was a hack just because of all the issues with this game.