Currently suspended from matchmaking - PC crash

Currently suspended from matchmaking, was in a ranked TDM and PC crashed. Not even alt+F4 works when it crashes on my GTX 1080, I have to reboot PC and now this suspensions to add insult to injury??

How am I supposed to grab gilded ram if matchmaking takes 15mins to find a match and when it finally does I get a 15 or 30 mins ban if the game crashes?

Play social or revert drivers to 382.53

yeah thats what Im doing mostly on social, I dont like horde much only versus, and its nice to rank up as well while doing the grind… but I guess social it is… I was on 382.53 but had to update drivers cos too many good games…

Lower your particle spawn rate settings. Try setting it to 10 or lower in your video settings and see if that helps your crashing/freezing.