Currently rewatching the dev-stream

The fact that people actually get bent up about emotes is hilarious to me.

I’m about to go on a spam mission lmao

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What could of miserable loser of a person would find spamming emotes and being annoying even remotely entertaining? It should be illegal for certain people to have kids.


I think people who get upset and frustrated over a fantasy/video game/something that has nothing to do with your real life, should be sterilized and psychologically evaluated.

Or the one who suggests such ridiculous things because people don’t play video games to be annoyed by something. Pro tip : We all have subjective receptions of things, so something that doesn’t bother you can bother someone else. I’m merely pointing out how ridiculous you sound saying this.


The game is in shambles and I’m pointing out that emotes are the literal last problem we need to focus on.

If you can’t ignore people then why do you play online?

Why not get upset at the people who don’t even know how to play properly flooding the game?

It gets very difficult to ignore the obnoxious Casan laugh when it is done every few seconds for minutes on end. Not much else I can add there.

And of course incompetent teammates are a bigger issue, but can it really be that difficult to let people mute annoying emote spammers?


I agree with your points and am not trying to be a jerk.

It’s more corny than it is annoying.

Nah. Corny is something like the Nutcracker Deebee or RAAM doing disco.

Annoying and unbearable is multiple Casan and Myrrah players spamming laugh the entire match. Unfortunately the only way to mute these ■■■■■■■ is to completely turn off voice volume which could hinder gameplay if you’re a sweaty tryhard like myself.

Im only sticking around for V-day Sam. So she better get out of that vault soon enough lol

VDay Sam was never vaulted. Neither was Collector’s Sraak and Collector’s Minh. They were just never released outside the bundle, which is and has been available since its release. Same with Academy Anthony and Biker Gary who are also still held hostage for 1800 Iron.

As I’ve said in another thread, in PvE you get timed out for spamming emotes even in a custom lobby. It should happen in PvP as well but more strict.

That’s how they worded it. I guess the paywall already counts as a Vault for the f2p-playerbase.

Do you mean the cooldown after spamming an emote 3 times?

Yeah. I thinkit should be limited to a few times in a certain time span. Granted, some like the thank you
if I get revived have their uses, but others should be banished forever.

Few examples:

I use the cheer emote as a surrogate for the thanks emote sometimes, because the lines are often more enthusiastic. Dom and Cole’s Cheer emote sounds genuine, although I sometimes use it when playing as Baird (or the Nomad’s Boo) if a teammate does something stupid…

Like ignoring me if I’m downed, taking my kill and getting downed themselves right after. I managed to self revive and the idiot actually crawled toward me.

“Yeeeah…nice one!”…

But I’m not returning the courtesy they didn’t grant me. It’s petty for sure but sometimes gotta make the fun happen yourself when it comes to this game.

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I do not know if you been in a game where they use the emote sounds every 4 second for 30 min game. They just rebind the buttons to one button press and spam it. Throughout the hole game.

So let people mute the selected players emotes.
The mute function exists and if you have muted that person that characters emotes should be muted as well.

You can always turn off character dialogue in the game options though…

I just think people expect TC to fix every issue, sometimes I’d rather community find solutions to problems themselves.

Well TC implemented the function… And if functions are misused or used against other players. They have the right to know about it and get a chance to fix the function. One example would be the profanity filter for the chat function.
Because I do not think TC intended emote spam.

They even added a limit of upto 7 consecutive emote spams. Even this is not enough.

Exactly because they did not see squads linking up to do emote spamming did they.

If you play PvE there are lots of lines that are repeated 1-2 times a wave, BIg E and his stupid “bootyhole” line is the most hilarious example, wouldn’t you classify that as “spam”?

Again, you can shut it off in options, the idea that you (the player) has zero control over this is just wrong.

So one or two players should be given the power to force all others players to turn off all character dialogue, so the two toxic players can run around and spam sound emotes for 30mins. Sounds like a good way to go.