Currently rewatching the dev-stream

Is this a joke? They’re looking at bringing QoL-improvements to PvE? Really? REALLY?!

For anyone wanting to check it out, starts around the 25-26 minute mark

Around 43; he actually confirms that V-Day-Sam is eventually gonna return from the Vault. But when asked about Chrome Steels it’s suddenly “future content”. Oh nvm, around 50:30 it’s back to “maybe, who knows”.

55: Dana endorses emote-spam as a viable option that is NOT considered griefing or “being toxic”.

This entire dev-stream is really bad.

It’s almost hilarious how questions about “normal” skins or pre-order skins (55:30) are taken serious but anything Chrome Steel related gets laughed at.

1:11:00 “I’m happy to answer your questions, that’s why I am here”


Just seems like there is no organization within the company right now. I’m sure all the lost team members and having to make up for it with contract workers isnt helping their case at all either. Seems like they had a lot of ambition for op 5 but now that it’s done and released everyone at TC is either saying itsa very niiiiceee, or what exactly do we do next? Either way unless there is an improvement on the xp grind within the game I most likely amongst many others are gonna end up getting lost in the the next generation of games that give us a overall more adept, competent, and enjoyable experience that TC for the most part hasn’t been able to provide. I’m solely still here for my love of gears but I dont agree with the company (and many of their decisions) they choose to run this flagship title game.


Well said. I probably abandon ship once I’m done with the StoryDLC. This stream rubbed me the wrong way the entire time.


I just started outer worlds last night, almost forgot what its like to just have fun in a game lol. But honestly once cyberpunk comes out, its gonna go dark over here for a good little bit (I think). But yeah I’m defiantly gonna check out that dlc and then unless I get an invite from friends to play or there are major xp changes, I’ll only be on to check the store once a week lol,

Are you really that soft? That you would think that spamming emotes and taunting…is griefing and toxic?

Dana sounds like a smart guy. Thinking about all of his players instead of caving to cry-babies.


He is about as consistent as his game’s hit detection.


Come from a match with an emote spammer, especially a Casan laugh spammer, and tell me it’s not extremely annoying, obnoxious and totally unnecessary.


Annoying, sure. Obnoxious, sure. Totally unnecessary, most likely.

Toxic, and griefing that deserves to have repercussions? Gimme a break…


I consider it bad sportsmanship and a nuisance more than anything. But similiar to the Batista/Clown-skins it’s a good way to immediately spot lowskill-player.

You clearly never watched a dev-stream or the part I was referencing if you can say that with a straight face. Dana has to be one of the least passionate Gears-employess I’ve seen so far.
In yesterdays stream there was a part where he didn’t even knew how to change his characterskin in the lobby.


Bad sportsmanship, sure, a nuisance, sure. But that’s online gaming bro. It happens when you play games. To suggest that it’s griefing and toxic is absurd. Dana is smart enough to know that.

I do watch his streams, and know exactly what you’re talking about, because his character got stuck. It’s a bug, it happens to me occasionally…

But here’s an idea. How about you let people play the game that they bought the way they want to play it hmm? Instead of trying to control others, you’re welcome to let things slide. You’d be a happier person that way.


Ironic considering that someone was asking for a mute-button for emotes. Something that wouldn’t affect spammer but people that don’t wanna hear or see them could play the game in a way the would like to. But why would TC ever put effort into something when they can simply laugh at their customer and have their own defense-force for their childish emotes.

Tolerating emote-spam certainly wouldn’t make me a happy person.


The dev streams show how uninformed they are. Like when they denied input lag existed on the One consoles, then a year later announced that the Series consoles have lower input lag. It’s so easy to spot when they are ignorant or making up nonsense.


This is exactly why Im glad I tried the game on the PC version first. The Xbox one X version has so much input lag in comparison that I went and returned the damn thing to Wal-Mart the same day I got it because I was completely oblivious to the issue( I legit didnt know). I feel bad for all the console homies. Maybe it’s different for the series x since that thing is pretty much a mid grade pc.


Emote spamming is highly Toxic. Sound is used as a form of torture in many prisons and interrogations.

I would recommend them to give the players the option to mute emote sounds from other players, as a player can with microphone sound.

I would also like to see character sound be categorized for the team only. Such as reloading and other team intel shouted out for everyone too hear.


Chrome steel is too controversial because people got screwed over like myself who stocked up on iron for exclusivity which included a good chrone steel skin and then they make it pay only. It’s disgusting. They just say “uhh buy something else” ok I don’t want to buy something else with my iron. No respect. He prob doesn’t want to talk about it because of how people point out, such as myself, that the chrome steel ■■■■ was disgusting and a terrible business practice.

Emotes should be mutable. That’s all. You can spam them all you want, but if I don’t want to hear it I’ll mute you. Tons of games have this like Dota/LoL yet they don’t want to? Again, instead of taking learnings from other games, they live in their own little bubble where they think they are correct and the community is wrong. It’s disgusting.

It’s also hilarious people want the release skins (idk what they are tbh) for gears 5 to be re-released. What happened to exclusivity and “I was there”? People went all ups in arms for black phantom in the store and don’t get me started about guilded skins. Oh, but you see, if these people didn’t get that skin that is “exclusive”, they want it re-released so they can get it.

Same thing with tour of duty. Tour of duty was a good system for exclusivity, but they should have only put niche skins in there and not campaign skins and base skins like Dr1 and deadeye in it. People wanted the tour to be purchasable after it was done because the majority of people didn’t do the tour.

People only care about exclusivity when they are the ones with it. Which is why I honestly don’t give a ■■■■ at the end of the day and would rather have a system where all skins are available for everyone to buy, with some skins such as guilded skins from gears 4 or black phantom being like 20-50k+ gears coins so you have to work for it with no option to buy it via iron.

Idk… respectfully, I disagree (about them being toxic). Yes, it’s annoying, but outright toxic? That’s a bit much. Being toxic is the worst thing you can be towards others in a video game, and I personally don’t think it’s anything beyond annoying. How about the character dialogue that automatically plays during certain actions… say for example, Tai’s “YEEEAAAAAAAAOOOO” yell he’s been doing since gears 2. It’s attached to the retro charge now. People can (and def used to) spam retro charge yells, but that never gets called toxic. It’s done the same way by the same ppl who intentionally try to annoy others, but that’s not a problem? I’m just saying… I think the idea of emotes in general got ppl mad when they first saw them, and this topic of calling them toxic has evolved based on ppl thinking “gears shouldn’t have emotes.”

Now, do I think TC should add a menu option to turn off emote sounds? Of course! If it bothers ppl, there should def be some sort of emote mute feature that at least turns off the audio emotes, but I think it’d be a lot more difficult to block the physical emotes from showing on everyone else’s screen if they have that mute feature turned on.

I’m just saying… I get where ppl are coming from and I think TC should def add a mute feature, but to go as far as to call them “toxic” is a bit too much. Annoying yes, but straight up toxic? No. That’s way too excessive.

I think ppl are very sensitive in this current day and age & wind up labeling things too harshly without thinking it through. I personally always liked the PvP banter/chatter that occurred in gears games between our characters, but we never had the ability to make them say lines… it was always random. With emotes, we get a bit of control to say more when we want to. I just think they should’ve added more of the OG dialogue/full sentences to the emote section so it isn’t so random. Like Tai’s classic line “you sucka like die… come, come, try me”… I prefer being able to trigger that line on my own, and I wish it was a manual emote, but that’s me.

Anyways, yea. Emote mute option is definitely needed for the ppl who dislike hearing it. It’s something TC didn’t think all the way through so they should def get on top of adding a mute feature.

There are plenty of people who buy (including myself; and I had around 6k Iron when they made them pay-only) the new Chrome Steels. It’s just baffling why they don’t relist the old ones weekly/biweekly just like the featured section and dodge the question EVERY ■■■■■■■ TIME on the dev-stream. They have nothing to lose here, they’re denying themselves free money. CS were never sold as exclusives so there should be no issue in selling them again.

i just refuse to spend money on the game since i was done wrong. i was supporting the game fully but for them to do that along with other changes, nope.

being able to buy chrome steel via iron after x time would be nice. not sure why not. im not spending 10 dollars out of pocket when i have 9000 iron + on my account that I bought previously.

to me sounds like they intended to do it. They did an iron sale quite close to eachother and haven’t done an iron sale since. Makes me think they knew what they were doing.


I’m not denying that the whole Iron thing was handled more than questionable. They probably drove a lot of ppl away with that decision and iirc there were 2 conflicting statements made as for why CS are pay only now.

Personally I just wanna understand the thought-process behind the whole CS-thing. I wouldn’t mind if they brought them back for pay-only but they simply refuse to do so and provide no explanation as for why not.

cuz exclusivity. but TC doesn’t know what exclusivity is or what they want to be exclusive.

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