Current theories on Swarmzerker

Is their only ? I personally believe that their is more than 1 but the one we see in that sphere and in kaits nightmares is the “Elite” or big bad. It has more pronounced back spikes compared to the horde counterpart.

Is it smarter? The swarmzerker shows great intelligence for a berserker. We see it size up and later grab kait in a parry like manoeuvre. I also belive it can see, unlike locust era berserkers.

Is it myrrah? The swarmzerker could be the new form for queen myrrah, though I doubt she will speak as the swarmzekrer as that would look ridiculous. Myrrah ofcourse communicates through the hive mind.

Is it Niles? Most likely this sphere that the berserker is first seen is under or around new hope. Meaning Niles must have placed it their long ago, assuming Niles lost his body way before gears 1. Maybe it was his back up. Maybe the sires were programmed to grow and eventually awake Niles as the swarmzerker.

Is it Raam? Many people immediately believe that the swarmzerker is Raam.
While RAAM is awesome, I don’t belive Rod and the writers would like to do something so lazy. Also it doesn’t really make sense seeing as RAAMs body would’ve been blown to shreds by the light mass.

Can it control the Riftworm(s)? In the trailer, we see the second of three rift worms. For it to be specially attacking at this time with the swarm it needs to be commanded. Only one person has commanded the rift worm, Skorge. We know he is long dead. So does the swarmzerker?

How can you be certain that what we saw in the trailer is one of the three worms(or whatever the other two creatures could have been/could be)? Because whatever it was, it looked distinctly Swarm and not Locust or Riftworm like.

The trinity aren’t all worms. One of them had a big mouth. But, that was a contextual theory. In the context that this is a rift worm. These are theories that literally just came to mind and I can’t put it into text very well.

Well, whatever the monster is, it looks more like a creature the Swarm made themselves, rather than one of the “Trinity” creatures. At least one of which we know nothing of(I saw mentions of another, not the Riftworm, being referenced in the Rise of RAAM comic but not having read it, I can’t say if that’s true or not). Here’s just to hoping it will actually be a present threat throughout portions, if not all of, the game, instead of turning into another Hive Beast that just shows up for the sake of a final big boss fight and to be killed off immediately.

Yes, in rise of Raam theirs 3 worms and one looks similar to the creature in gears 5. Of course the swarm could have take in over the mouth resemblance is their.