Current Gears prequal content (Ramm's Shadow, Gears Judgement, Gears Tactics) and what would you like to see for future prequal content

Gears Tactics
Sgt. Gabirel Diaz (Mentioned in Gears 4)
Major Sid Redburn (Mentioned in Gears 5)
Mikayla Dorn (New Character)

Villan: Ukkon ( Gears Comics)

Gears Judgement
Lt. Damon Baird (Original Gears trilogy)
Pvt. Augustus Cole (Original Gears Trilogy)
Pvt. Garron Paduk (New Character)
Cdt. Sophia Hendrik (New Character)

Villian: Karn (New Character)

Ramm’s Shadow

Lt. Minh Young Kim (Gears 1)
Cpl. Michael Barrick (Comics)
Pvt. Tai Kaliso (Gears 2)
Pvt. Alicia Valera (New Character)

Villian: Ramm (Gears 1)

So since the release of Rise of Ramm, it actually limits the “Major antagonist” that could potentially be used in the series. Rise of Ramm showed us exactly who was on the council prior to E-Day. Karn/Ukkon/Ramm have already been used in the prequals listed above. Sraak is dead, and Droak has vanished.
So the best options for Prequal antagonist as far as I see it

  1. Skorge -This one is self explanatory. We have no content about him from the Start of E-day all the way of until Gears 2. So he makes the perfect antagonist for a Post-E day prequal.
  2. Vrol- From the Rise of Ramm Comics. He was still the high priest of the Kantus on E-Day. No information is known about how he eventually died. So naturally he’s a perfect antagonist to die at the hands of a prequal squad.

So since the “Rise of Ramm” Comics came out and essentially outlined all the major “big bads” of the locust, its hard to create more locust on that level without having to justify why they weren’t on the council prior to E-Day. So the solution is probably to create locust to act as “right hand men” and second in command to existing high ranking locust like Ukkon, Ramm, Skorge and Karn.

As far as the COG squads the three different prequals above gave us quite a variety of blueprints for potential people to use. People from the original trilogy, People from the comics, people briefly mentioned in the games and completely new characters, the possibilities are endless.

So my question to you is how do you think they should tackle prequal DLC/Games in the future? What do you want to see as far as Antagonist? What do you see as far as COG? Do you want new characters, characters from the comics, characters from the games? Any characters you want to see expanded on through prequal content?

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  1. Pendelum wars gameplay. Not sure how this would work given how Human vs Human was percived in Judgement. However, if done right it could end up being great.

  2. E-Day to Gears 1 is really the sweet spot for content. So many unexplored squads. Really it doesn’t even matter what you do as far as Cog Soldiers. I’d recommend something similar to what they’ve been doing. Have at least someone who’s been referenced, or shown in any Gears medium, and build a team around them. That way you’re not just hitting fans with all new characters.

  3. Judgement’s the only game that sort of touches on the UIR after E-Day. A DLC focused on the UIR’S resistance to Karn’s rampage would be nice.

  4. I don’t think necessarily you can’t have any other major antagonist just because of Rise of Ramm. Just because a locust wasn’t present prior to E-Day doesn’t mean he couldn’t be brought into the picture between E-Day and Gears 1. New locust were being made constantly. One idea I’ve always had, is a mutated Boomer who’s strong enough to carry duel boomshots.

RAAM*, for god sake. RAAM.

It’s bad enough spelling it wrong on one account.

Also “prequal” really hurts my head.


No, I had absolutely no idea who General Ramm was, if you must know. Were they the leader of an underground flock of sheep? Ready to emerge and wreck absolute havoc on humanity’s fields of grass?

Anyway, I was willing to overlook all the other grammatically atrocities but drew the line at the multiple misspellings of the legendary Locust General RAAM. Try not to disrespect him like that again.

Of course you can edit your original post, same way you edited this one. But it’s the thought that counts I suppose.

Your sin also goes deeper than the mere misplacing of letters. Think about it, what would the result be in switching the A and M from “Ramm”? Rmma? Rmam? You forgot an A and added an extra M.

So you were right about one thing; that is a grave sin indeed. One which you shall not be able to atone for, I’m afraid.

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I think the events of “Dirty Little Secrets” or “Anvil Gate,” with Bernie/Sam as lead characters would be a great story to see realized.

I believe it’s just Raam with one of these on.

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I wouldn’t so much want prequels as I would want the second and third games to be redone.

Primarily so all the cringe/edgelord nonsense that Cliff Bleszinski forced into the games could be retconned out.

You’ve said this multiple times on multiple threads.


He does this. It’s his thing.

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I feel like too many of us on the Forums have a “thing.”

It builds character. It also builds disease.

It would take so long to go over all the things, and I’m not feeling great right now, so I’ll just start with one and we’ll see where this goes.

Myrrah shouldn’t have been a human. I know game 5 tried to address this already by saying she actually just “looked human”, but in 2 & 3 she was very much meant to be a human.

The writers didn’t want to make her human though, she was originally just gonna be another kind of Locust, but Cliff forced them to make her human.

He did this, for the second dumbest reason imaginable.

That reason being, he saw Labyrinth as a kid and thought the troll king being human was just “soooo cool you guyz!”

I played the second game when I was 16, and I can’t even describe how disappointed I was when I finally got to face the Locust queen, and it was just some lady.

It upset me so much, I stopped playing Gears of War altogether, to such an extent that I didn’t buy the 3rd game until just a couple months before the 5th came out.

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I kinda disagree here. I think Myrrah being more Human than Locust helps sell the link between the Locust and Humanity. Unless you think the Locust should be just totally disconnected and… just random monsters under the surface?

And yeah, because she is. Partially. Just as 5 goes on to explain that the Locust are partially Human. To what extent we don’t know because of Ukkon playing with genetics but at some point they are related.

I feel like the point of the Locust being a sick reflection of Humanity who are not that much worse than the COG works better by them having a “Human,” queen. What would have been better? The Matriarch as the Queen? Another Raam/Skorge style Locust?

I agree I don’t like the idea of all Locust being human-made. It’s always been my assumption and cannon that some Locust are natural (Kantus, Corpsers, Wretches, Tickers, Kryll, Bloodmounts) while other Humanoid Locust were designed at New Hope to be used for warfare (Therons, Drones, Boomers, etc). But them being related does add more than it subtracts I think.

Versus the Mass Effect/Halo route of the enemies being some far-off alien monsters who have no connection to Humanity whatsoever.

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Personally, I don’t mind the Locusts being related to humanity, but the way it was handled was really bad.

You see, the writers for GoW originally planned to have the humans be the descendants of ancient colonists.

The general idea was never fully developed, but it was supposed to be something like, ancient space faring humans show up, annihilate most of the native sentient beings, and claim the planet.

The Locust ancestors fled underground to survive some 50,000 years before the start of the games.

After defeating the natives though, the human colonists splintered into numerous warring subfactions that each had a different vision on how to run the planet.

Eventually their war escalated until they bombed themselves back into the dark ages, and lost their previous knowledge and technology.

Some elements of this early story idea still exist, such as how the Serans had an apocalyptic war that preceded the pendulum wars by many thousands of years, but it was mostly scrapped.

Now, personally, I’m glad they scrapped it, cause I find this original story concept to be kind of cliche, and it also has a few plot holes built into it, but EPIC replaced it with something even worse.

The Locusts being mutated humans is fine, heck, I think it’s even a really cool idea, but it was executed poorly, and again because of Cliff.

See, if I recall correctly, after the writers decided against that whole humans=aliens plot, the plan was to have the Locust be descended from humans who fled underground to avoid the Nukes of that first terrible war some 8,000 years ago or so. THAT would have been fine, perfect even, but Cliff was so insistent on his dumb human queen idea that he forced the writers to change it.

So, thanks to Cliff, the Locust were instead changed to being descended from a couple thousand miners who got exposed to imulsion right before the Pendulum wars started.

It didn’t even have to be this bad, Cliff could have had his dumb human queen idea through some other means, and still have it make sense, but he refused to hear anyone else’s input.

This is why these two story concepts can even be seen actively contradicting each other in the second game.

On the one hand, you have the Locust cities underground, massive, complex stone structures with incredible engineering and intricate calligraphy.
You know, the sort of stuff it would take even an advanced civilization centuries, if not millennia, to build.

But on the other hand, you have the New Hope facility, which was clearly setup DURING the Pendulum wars, and which is where the Locusts supposedly came from.

Plus, less than a century is not enough time for a population of a couple thousand to grow to several billion.

So, because of Cliff, the Locust hadn’t even existed long enough to have built up the cities, or population, that the game gives them.

These logical inconsistencies, these logistical impossibilities, were all completely unnecessary, and ruined the whole darn story, for me at least.
And they only existed, because of one dumb movie reference that Cliff was obsessed with.

This still isn’t all of it, but I’m too tired to type the rest of it right now.

Source? I know there was talks about ending Gears 3 with the survivors fleeing to Earth but since when was that the idea?

I agree partially. Like I said before I’ve always been a proponent of the idea/theory that some Locust evolved naturally (Kantus) while others were developed.

Although the Locust do not reproduce like Humans, right? I mean there’s nothing to suggest they gestate for 9 months then take 20 years to grow, right? I mean look at the United States 100 years ago relative to today.

To be clear, I agree with most of your ideas about the Locust being as old as they are and their relation to Humanity etc, to some extent. I just think you’re portraying the story that is there as baseless when it’s not that far from logic as you seem to say it is.

They don’t seem so impossible, is what I’m saying. The timeline is a bit iffy, being 60-50 years off from E-Day, fair. But the Locust were also a hivemind led by one Queen, which could lend itself to incredible growth. Look at the Egyptians who in their zealous faith managed to build a structure so grand it’s height would not be challenged until the Eiffel Tower was built–and they built the Pyramids in about two decades.

You’re not secretly Karen Travis, are you?


Speak for your own “thing”!

Anyway, I don’t wish to comment on the absolute heresy displayed after this quoted post.

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…alright, damn it. Just one thing I can’t bear:

This, you mean?:

This upset you? Are you clinically insane? The actual embodiment of perfection made you ignore the legendary Gears of War 3 for almost 9 years?!

I didn’t believe you initially, thinking nobody would do such a bizarre and unreasonable thing, but I saw your Achievements. It’s true. Remarkable.

On this account at least.

Anyway, your comments are heresy of the highest order and your fate will reflect as such.

It’s hard to tell which angers you more:

(1) Anti-Royalist sentiments.


(2) Claiming Scotland isn’t a country.

I don’t know who that is, and I’m not willing to learn!

As for it being a reasonable length of time, no, no it was not. The population of the U.S. in 1922 was roughly 110 million people, that means in a century, the U.S. population has just barely done more than triple.

Your point about the pyramids would be valid, but there’s one thing you forgot to consider, the Locust weren’t just building, they were excavating.

Every time they wanted to build a new habitation center, they’d have had to dig out all the tunnels and caverns needed, and moved the stone and Earth elsewhere.
That requires a huge amount time, energy, and effort.

Now, to circle back around to the reproduction thing, TC has muddied the waters on that, for understandable reasons, but it used to be slower than humans.

Cliff wanted the Locusts to reproduce exclusively through r*pe, of Berserkers, which would be a logistical nightmare, and the only reason he wanted that to be canon is because he was bitter over his divorce.

Furthermore, the Locusts weren’t a hive mind originally, that was only added in Gears of War 5, they were originally even more akin to humanity, with politics, individual personalities, hobbies, and even their own form of racism.

Heck, in the Gears of War 3 section of one of those old Game Informer Magazines, the developers described the Savage Locust as Locusts who had renounced Myrrah’s leadership and were now just out for their own survival.

You can’t renounce the leadership of someone who controls your thoughts.

I think you’re forgetting the Riftworms here.

That said, building a whole civilization in a few decades does still seem a little implausible.


Oh shucks, you’re completely and utterly correct here, they had slipped my mind.

It would still be a pain in the tush to move all their materials around underground, but the worms digging the primary tunnels millions of years in advance would help a lot.