Current Beta-Tuning: My opinion

The good stuff:

  • Character models seem to have more ‘weight’. I wish TC would retain this for subsequent operations. It definitely feels like old Gears of War games.

The bad stuff:

  • I can’t popshot (I tried multiple times… but with no avail. It seems like the timing might either be super strict in order to pull this off correctly)
  • Weapon swapping speed is slow
  • Movement speed itself feels slow

The above three mechanics is what I don’t find enjoyable at all.

Maybe just selectively add the ‘weight’ aspect to the character model for the current tuning?

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The good stuff

  • Nothing

The bad stuff

  • Everything

If it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it, game feels good right now and they’re probably gonna ruin it


Speaking of tuning; did they redcue the recoil on the HB?

It feels like your character is running in water. Seriously not good for outrunning explosives or even outmanoeuvre more than one person.


Just “played” a bit on beta…i found it… Not so bad.

I’ll get used to it like always.

Not just you, everyone has got to get used to it lol.

But it would be short lived as TC would change the beta-tuning again shortly.

True, it doesn’t matter… It’ll change in a month.

Yet another reason everyone freaking out doesn’t matter.

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