Curiously... where would we be if Epic games still owned Gow?

Just curious, what If Epic games was still in charge of the gears of war franchise?
What if they never swayed away from making bloody glory and badass types of games like gears of war and never want on to make… FoRtnITe,and TC never got involved and all that?

Tell me what u think? Where do u think we would be rn if Epic games was still in charge of this franchise?

This question really is " A TURNING POINT " of a big discussion.

some people think the game would have been better, with much gore and violent…

some people think it would have gone the trash and it would have disappeared .

I really don’t know to be honest.

as for my opinion Gears 3 which was made by EPIC its the best one and TC’s Gears 5 and 4 still hasn’t been able to provide a superior experience of war than Gears 3 in my humble opinion.


Well Gears of War 3 was legendary and I think Epic have a better talent at learning than TC do, so Gears of War 4 probably wouldn’t have taken as long to become playable as it is now.

And as for Gears 5…that would certainly be nothing similar to the horror we ended up with at launch. For a start it would be Gears of War 5 and be an improvement on its predecessor, not an underwhelming betrayal.


Move on. Epic isn’t the same company. They are like Valve and make money by not making games anymore. If anything they resented Gears 3. It’s too expensive and complicated to develop. Fortnite is cheap and easy for them.

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Literally nailed it in 2words right there mate, I’m 100% sure that no 2better words exist to describe this games launch and state

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In today’s day and age. They may have done exactly what TC has done. Not release the game unfinished and buggy, but try and cater to a new audience like TC are doing. My guess is the game would be well polished, but it would be made for new players, as that’s almost what they’d have to do to bring in the money to make another gears game. Maybe even a similar store system. That’s just my thoughts…



I think your right. Unfortunately as good as those old gears games were, Epic knew that there was no money in them. They are a business hence why they moved on and are making a killing with Fortnite. Like it or not but this is the future of gaming. TC is trying to please the old and the new and it’s not working, can’t please everyone.

Gears 5 is a great game.
Complainers want the game they grew up with. That’s it. As the series goes on people want the game they grew up with not a new game. It will never please these complainers. Is there room to improve and better the game? yes. Is it trash uninstall refund? no.


Far from it

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I think Rod would’ve still left. Cliff would’ve left. Gears would be shadowed by Fortnut and probably become more cartoony in honesty.

We wouldn’t have gotten Dana… So that’s a plus but we also probably wouldn’t have Sera so take your pick.

Honestly it doesn’t matter we got what we got, and that’s how life rolls. I don’t think it’d be better or worse, because it’s shrodingers timeline as far as I’m concerned.

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Surprised I haven’t been attacked for that opinion lol. But you’re right. Video games are a business, and publishers will do what makes them the most money.

@Looopeeeeeee I’ll say straight up Gears 5 is not a great game. It’s a very fun, enjoyable one, but far from great. Too many bugs and glitches, and if players truly thought it was great, they wouldn’t be turning and running from it like many seem to be doing. I personally love it, but if it were truly great, many others would too.

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I won’t my friend…

however saying the things you said its like a person stating that chess requieres it to have pretty colors and fancy decorations in order to be better, ( that version of chess would be Gears 5 ) while Gears of War 3 its the classical version of chess ( black and white) it has a sheer elegance and refinement it doesnt need anything else.

I think man there will come a time you’ll like classic chess, instead of this cartoonish Gears look a like fornite we were given as Gears 5.

I think I’ve been long time ago with people playing Gears of War and I dare to admit we like " classic Chess" hence Gears of War 3 style of playing , violence and beautiful mechanics.

I’ve played the older games campaigns, and I adored them. I’m currently making a point of going back and playing prior titles online as you suggested, so maybe you’re right. I could go back and play those titles, love them, and absolutely abhor Gears 5 because of it.

I enjoy Gears 5 gameplay very much. Never played a Gears game I didn’t enjoy. Even judgment, but that was just campaign, of course. In terms of campaign, Gears 4-5 were middle of the pack. They pale in comparison to the original trilogies story. I’m going to go back and play PvE modes, and a little bit of PvP even though it’s not my cup of tea, and I’ll know for sure. I’ll certainly be making a thread once I have played them all with my thoughts on the different games. Only then can I give a definitive answer on whether I’d enjoy those games simplicity in horde and PvP more.

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Then why are you here?



They want the game they grew up with.

It’s a great game. If you love you should think it is great. Why would you spend your money and time on something not great. Makes no logical sense. People who don’t like it can uninstall it and shut up about it and play something. Same ■■■■ everyday.

Because I gather with my friends here to play and I’m waiting for the next Gears of War game to become a " A man’s game" like it used to be , and not a Barbie and Ken’s Dreamworld game as it right now.

What’s a “man’s game” exactly? This should be good …

if you don’t know by now then you’re not ready to know yet…

oh boy you’re one of those people.

Big booby bouncing and drinking beers all day duh! If Gears is a man’s game I guess I have to sell everything I own for it :eyes:

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First of all, Epic would’ve made far less money because Fortnite probably wouldn’t have became as popular, so for them as a company they definitely made the right decision to move on from GOW.

Two, Epic (which shouldn’t surprise anyone) were far better software devs than TC, this probably would’ve meant less bugs/glitches, less exploits, and probably just a more optimized game (especially Gears 5) than what we got.

Three, Epic Games not only were very familiar with the code but also had many of the same folks that worked on original trilogy, what this means is that remaking maps, weapons, characters, Locust/whatever would’ve all been much easier and simpler of a process than what it is now. Right now when they recreate stuff they don’t know/understand the challenges of recreating it so it sorta makes the process take more time whereas if they had the original dev that say made the map Mansion being able to remake it would be much simpler.

Lastly, there is no reason to believe that all the microtransactions/GaaS model wouldn’t have been in both games, Microsoft would’ve still owned the series so the business model would’ve stayed in place. The art style and some of the more specific stuff about the game definitely would’ve been different but Gears 5 still probably would’ve had operations and cosmetics and all the bells and whistles it has now.

In Summary: Although TC have gotten much better at their craft since Gears 4, Epic Games were the founders and were more skilled with the art of game design than what TC is now, not to say TC are trash developers but obviously a good artist that’s been creating art for 10 years is going to be at a far higher level than one that’s only been doing it for 2 or 3 (as an example)