Curious about everyone’s Paduk builds

I think it’s kind of obvious Paduk is an S tier choice for escape, and probably more of an A tier for horde, but I’m curious what types of builds you all use use with him. I prefer to go the route of a pure execution build, using:

Nomad armor
Execution Shield
Concussive Rounds
I also will buy a retro when playing horde to simplify things.

I use this build in both horde and escape, as I love to play balls to the wall and run around like a chicken with my head cut off. (Saying that you’d think I’d be one of the gnasher purists in PvP, but nah.)

I also experimented with a sniper build, but he just didn’t feel very strong that way sadly.

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Did you combine Consecutive Shots with the bleeding? Cause those two collide and bleeding resets the ~200% dmg-bonus.

I don’t use armored shot because it’s almost impossible to keep my stim in master horde. Probably easier in escape, but I haven’t tried it there.

Have you tested this recently? Anecdotally i think consecutive and armoured shot is working. I think it was your barrier damaging an enemy that resets consecutive shot (happening most during the bleeding barriers thing).

I switch out Concussive Round for Armoured Shot. Like you, had no luck as a sniper. I leave that job to Fahz!

My Paduk builds vary greatly depending on alot of factors - namely whether I’m playing Horde or Escape; but also depending on the kind of Escape Hive. I find Paduk to be more versatile than the average character. With alot of characters most players choose 5 out of about 7-8 core skills and only make small changes depending on the situation, but Paduk is much mroe varied (he also has 19 different cards, which is the second highest after Clayton’s 22).

Broadly speaking I opt for two broad builds. The Melee build is typically used for Escape; while the Sniper build is typically used for Horde (I normally play harder difficulties).


Execution Shield
Concussive Shot
Nomad Armor

My last card varies, but I typically use one out of Lifeline, Menace, or Markza Mastery. Menace allows for Paduk’s ultimate to recharge very quickly - when maxed we’re talking about 3 straight executions (or two executions plus a bit of waiting time). Paduk’s ultimate recharges quickly anyway so I don’t always use Menace. Lifeline is a great team-support card when at higher levels and enables team mates to get stim too, although I found it to be inconsistent and doesn’t always do this. Not sure what causes this. Also I sometimes throw in the Markza Mastery card as some Hives have Markza’s and I may be needed to help with some shooting too.


Consecutive Shot
Markza Mastery

Intimidation enables you to spread Fear to small groups of enemies, so it’s important to manage chokepoints. Barriers and Shock Sentries are obviously very helpful in Horde. Lifeline enables you and team mates to get stim, but as mentioned it’s not always consistent. I don’t really like Armored Shot - I think aprt of it is that I’m in the mindset that if i’m in a sniping role, then the enemy should die straight off. Also it relies on stim and on harder difficulties it’s easy to take small bits of damage which removes your stim.


I’ve never played Paduk in Horde, but no. Haven’t played him much since maxing him out a few weeks ago and I usually go with the Exe-setup.

I feel like concussive rounds are a must, as they’re very useful for stunning and then quickly executing drones. If there’s a whole group, I stun the first one, execute, and put the whole of them into fear, where I continue to execute and cause fear until they’re all gone. Armored shot just isn’t something I need either due to execution shield.

Edit. Just realized what I said. And I feel doofy. Everyone please ignore this post lol.

It’s probably not 100% necessary all the time. I’ve been able to chainsaw that entire first encounter in Gatekeepers without using the boltok. It does help tremendously in the next room with the deebees though since they seem to react faster and down you with their enforcers at closer range. It’s also very helpful in the Matriarch room to create the initial opening by stunning a drone and executing him, but a well placed flash or juvie chainsaw could also do the trick. It’s just what are you gonna replace it with? Acceleration only adds 30% dmg at max. Consecutive useless without Marcus. Armored shot isn’t so hot without adding another card to increase dmg, and I don’t want to give up any other cards. Markza Mastery without the bleed? I’d have to drop Menace as well. No thanks. May as well go all out with the execution build, even if there’s a couple cards there that aren’t always necessary but might come in handy every now and then.

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I honestly think the execution build is the play. Especially in escape, where you’d rather execute than bleed enemies to death.

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Has this been tested?


They should give Paduk an auto stim (after couple of seconds, when not getting hurt) as his passive ability. Or give him new card like Emile and Kat where they can regenerate stim within seconds. Otherwise you’ll have to rely on cog gear or Marcus every game if you are using armored shot.

But generally speaking, Marcus is unlikely to happen now. Considering how toxic and selfish they normally are. So in my opinion, you need to avoid armored shot card because it’s very hard to keep the stim.

Double damage is pretty good with fear. I prefer that passive over stim