Curious about 1life

Remember when gears was about single life eliminations? I really do miss this, Warzone mostly but any 1 life mode in any game is always great, especially with a group, I understand not everyone has a stack and/or would rather just go crazy and play game modes that get you right back into the action, I just wish 1 life could co exists, I know you guys remember Gow1 only had 1 life until the annex update. Just curious why the 1 life modes have pretty much disappeared. Imo gridiron was great, it gave the 1life mode an objection to help prevent those long annoying camp games. Anyways, love gears and will stand by it forever.


Custom usually has a few lobbies.

Yeah Gears PVP will always be about 1 life modes for me. Since they removed all these modes I pretty much never play PVP only PVE.

Really need to add warzone/execution into ranked

Single life modes seem to be wasted in quick play when they have been added, too casual for such a sweaty mode.

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Because they are great with friends, especially when you fill both teams. You heckle and roar when someone blows it as last man standing. Everyone else chats while the match is going on when you die and wait. It was very social and you didn’t mind waiting. Then Achievements and Ranking came along which you couldn’t boost in friends games for them and the single life mode died. No one wants to wait in silence.

Ranking and achievements that people obsess about killed single life mode.

Its cause the “new” generation of players get upset and cry when they get killed, hence why almost every game mode has respawns now.

Warzone and execution in ranked would bring half full matches cause someone died in the 1st 10 secs and quit.

And then playing as a team/stack would imply that ur just campers and not using “tactics”

Dodge ball was probably 1 of the best things TC introduced to gears, they should of binned TDM and put dodge ball in ranked.