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Cupid torque bow tag is a good time

In an effort to be positive and to show TC some much needed love, I need to tell them that Torque Bow Tag is a really good time. And the Maria skins look really nice. Love free gun skins. Nice job guys. More like this… A dropshot event would be fun as well. …

You’re actually insane, LOL.

I played 1 full game, killed like 21 and enough of another to get 25 total. Fun but done.

Took me 3 games, albeit I joined the first when someone was on 26 kills. At least TC kept it at a very low kill count.
I will never play it or FFA again (unless tied to something), I dislike The mode entirely

The skins are nice, still a shame we can not equip different ones for Cog and Locust but anyway.

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Hey…it was worth a try…I do appreciate the skins. And it was entertaining…its like going to the movies. Not every movie is serious and drama and suspense filled…not every movie is going to win an academy award. Sometimes you go to the movies and see Bad Boys for Life. That is what the Cupid Torque Bow event is like. Its not gonna win an academy award…But it was pretty entertaining. And I do get tired of bashing TC all the time…Sometimes you just gotta stay positive.

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fair points and to add the skins are nice. They may replace my Black Phantom set for a game or two.

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Did you play the Gow4 version of torque tag? It was much better. This one’s kinda crappie tbh. At least the reward is better than what was given in Gow4 though.

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I have played it all mate from Gears to Gears 5…including Breakthrough (which I love btw) :wink:

@Duffman_GB I myself am not a very big fan of The FFA mode either. To me its like 2 v 2 gnashers. A really big, “look at me, look at me…look how great I am…watch me watch me. I can bounce”

FFA Breakers would be amazing.

I remember Diggers TDM in Gears 3.

I concur