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Cryo kills please help

Hello everybody dies anyone know the fastest way 2 get cryo cannon kills any help would be greatly appreciated thank u love gears

The Hive Escape map, play on beginner, and melee enemys until they are down, then just tap fire while holding the cryo cannon it will kill downed enemys instantly.


Ok thanks man

For what purpose, if I may ask.

For the cryo cannon medal

Oh ok

So I tried the hive with the cryo cannon downed plenty of enemies killed them and they didn’t count does anyone else know any other way

Execute with the cryo cannon?

Escape The Hive on beginner, before entering the safe room kill the ice scion and get his cryo. Next area might be 15 juives. kill them then Restart act and do it over and over again. I got my 2000 juvie kills in like 1h30

Another good escape map to do this on is on The Decent, just put it on beginer and run to the first two safe rooms, the one on the left has a cryo and when its opened it triggers a leach horde to come after you, just freeze n hold till they pop, restart, etc.

Load up wave 7 of horde on beginner. Kill ice scion, grab cannon then melee enemies when they are DBNO spray them for the kill.

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Good work rook😁

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can confirm, this is how i’ve been getting cryo kills. the ice scion spawns right next to the safe room so you can get kill him first, get the cannon, then down everyone else in the room. Then you can kill the juvies that rush you in the safe room with it, as well as the two grenadiers. Or even better you can just carry the cryo through the safe room, use it on the first wave that attacks you out of the room, kill yourself, and then suicide to restart the act and you will still have the cryo cannon.