Cryo Cannon Medal Question

Hey everyone!

I have a quick, and maybe stupid question: what constitutes a kill with the cryo canon? Is it simply freezing an opponent or NPC? Is it freezing them and then doing a melee attack?

Any inside is appreciated.

Freezing and then kicking doesn’t count as a Cryo Cannon kill - the easiest way to do this is either to go right up to a frozen Leech or Juvie then fire the Cryo Cannon again. That kills them and counts for the medal. Be it in Escape or Horde.

Or try farming it in Coop vs AI as being frozen there counts as a kill. But it’s only on Icebound and there, you’re not going to have control over who gets the kills.

You have to actually down most of the enemies first (Most Drones, doesn’t work on Imagos) then use the Cryo Canon, then it will kill them and count as a kill. If you keep using the canon on Leeches, Juvies, Sire or Scions it will drain their energy slowly and kill them.

go to escape pick lahni get cryo and kick drones when they are down spray little cryo and youll get yur kill

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You can use a shock grenade to down a group of drones and get easy kills that way too.

This works really well with the beginning of chapter 2 of the hive, if you bring the cryo cannon from chapter 1. You’ll either get a group if Juvies to freeze, a group of shotgun drones to down and freeze, or sometimes a juvie popper with a scion at this spot. However, if you get the one of the first two groups you can just keep restarting check point to rack up kills quickly

Cryo cannon executions also count