Cry cry cry complain and cry

Thats all anyone does on here is cry and complain go play another game if you dont like it. Some of you need another hobby.


I do have other hobbies.

I would like Gears 5 to be one of those hobbies, but right now, I’m just not enjoying it very much. So I’m providing feedback to make it better.

But hey, thanks for the productive thread. :smile::+1:


Escape is amazing!!!

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All anyone did was complain about gears 4 when it launched as well …4 isnt any better then 5.

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That’s why I play 3 and have done for years


V7 yes thats a good idea to bad more people dont do what you do it would cut down all the crying .

They’re cries and tears of encouragement; like a coach on the sideline complaining about his team failing and screaming at them to do better, because they’re.

Anyway, first time poster needs to take their frustrations out too. This is therapy… We welcome you.


See…I’ve got this statue of Marcus on my desk. Next to that on the wall, a 1:1 scale replica of a Lancer. Beneath that? My Gears-themed remote on it’s stand.

On my 4tb of Storage space? Gears 1-5, including Judgement.
Around my neck at school? COG tags. six month present to my girlfriend? One of those tags.

80 page novel? Title is “Gears of War: Brothers In Blood.”

Now this is not a lot. I’ve seen pictures of nearly $3000 rooms of Gears merchandise, and I bet there’s lots of people who have more Gears stuff than I do, all the stuff I mentioned was only like $600 if I add them up (including the games themselves)

So, not only having a monetary investment, but social (Favorite game with my best friend in 2013-2016, bonded with my father when I started in '08) and even cultural (knowledge, thing’s I’ve learned, how I write) has been inspired by Gears. That’s quite the investment if you ask me.

So when you say

Know that I (and likely many of the other “whiners” on the forums) have a signifigant investment in this franchise and want it to do well. That’s why we complain. Look at Star Wars fans when The Last Jedi came out.
And not to mention–but it’s only been real bad since September. The forums were nothing like this from 2016-2019 (August). I wasn’t here for the EPIC forums, but I doubt those were much worse than what we had.
Now to me I see correlation between Launch of Gears 5 = Forum Toxicity.

We are avid, passionate fans. Who care too much and demand the perfection we were handed eight years ago. That’s why people complain. Of course some people get very white-boxy, and others are more articulated in their criticism, but for the most part for the same reasons.

So, @Knockout2487, tell me why I shouldn’t complain about the dumpster fire that has been Gears 5. Granted not as bad as say Anthem or 76–but by Gears’ standards and the standard set up by the game just before this one. I’d say all the “whining” is deserved.

Because if you stay silent we’d have $20 seasonal skins… characters nobody wanted. Changes that needed to happen wouldn’t have happened.

Edit: I’ve also realized–if you want a sense of just how passionate Gears fans can be, look at the fact that my response and defense of the Critics was 10x longer than your “Stop crying go away,” thread.


The loud majority is the only way to get solutions to the actual problems. Being silent is how those problems become worse. Communication is key


I here ya guys i love gears just as much as anyone player since day 1 in 06…loved em all accept judgement which was by farrrrr the worst.

Bye then.


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