Crossplay question

Is crossplay between steam and those who bought the game in microsoft store? I mean on pc

It’s between xbox and any pc platform at heart

You can play on steam with a mate who’s playing with his Microsoft store version yes but it’s not considered ‘cross’ play as the term fundamentally refers to the mixing of two or more platforms (computer types)

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Thank you.

As an interesting sidenote the new COD MW beta is live today for anyone with gold who hasn’t pre ordered and features for the 1st time PC an XBOX an PLAYSTATION all in one match together :slight_smile:

Its a good day for player count

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Interesting if servers will be strong enough to contain so much players

Yea yes, time will tell how this all goes I spose, tho at heart I’m sure it’s jus gona be Xbox vs PlayStation for the most part if ppl can choose to disable PC there too, let’s face it, most do if optional