Crossplay killcams (it's a cover up)

Starting to notice a trend with the killcams. You will be playing and all the sudden you get wiped out outta nowhere; wondering how it was even possible. And then no kill cam. You will eventually start to notice a trend that the kill cam will never work for specific players when they kill you.

Im suspecting this is an attempt by TC to hide the competative advantage PC users get while using mouse and keyboard over players on console with controllers.

Or your re-spawn timer is just too close to getting to 0 so rather than start a kill-cam and not even being able to get to your death, it just doesn’t play.


I thought so at first too. But its happening to single individual players

It’s possible I’m wrong. This is just a hunch. Although it does seem to coincidental to not be something with adressing.

The respawn timer can’t be the only thing hiding kill cams. I had one the other day that was a black screen in place of kill cam THEN viewing a player for 5/10 seconds before hitting respawn.

You’re definitely mistaken.

PC players don’t have this competitive advantage you speak of. I’m on PC and do just as well if not better than most other PC players who use either input method. Those who do better than me are just better than me and some of them are on a controller.

I had kill cam on for a whole match before I disabled it. Console and PC players had killcams skip for one reason or another and when they did show the recording wasn’t even an accurate representation as to what happened on both my end or my opponents.

True, which would be the glitches within the game. Let’s face it Gears 5 has more glitches than any game in recent memory so a killcam glitch would actually be more possible than not.