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Crossplay controversy

Mouse and Keyboard also on Xbox.

I didn’t invest in an Xbox One because it didn’t really make sense for me to buy one for 1 game and franchise I’d otherwise already quit. (Gears 4)

I do enjoy being able to play Gears 4/5 on PC 'cause I still do have some love for the series. I personally play on a wired Xbox one pad.

I don’t feel like a ran into any cheaters on PC in my time playing Gears 4 (or 5) but I do know that definitely was an issue early on in Gears 4. Gears 5 has an anti-cheat and while I don’t know how effective it really is, I can’t imagine there be very many people cheating at all with that going on.

Right on.

I didn’t mean to come off like I was doubting you, I was genuinely curious.

It’s super annoying when it happens but I haven’t felt super plagued by it. I just found a lot of people call cheater as soon as they see the pc icon and happen to get slaughtered.

I get called a cheater in lower tiered games and then I get called trash by 5 stack coal squeezers.

Fine example of legit aimbotting here:

A lot of folks that ‘think’ they’re up against an aimbot and have a meltdown over it would absolutely crap their pants in rage against a real one.


Legit complaint… But you do have players on all control pads that can be real grabby and wanty, hovering and blocking …despite that the person is carrying the match with a particular weapon and it’s round 3 of a ranked match.

That can be super annoying.

Preach my brother! Preach lol

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You’re still playing crossplay in versus and in ranked people on xbox one x can still use mouse and keyboard

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Couldnt have said it better myself, I wonder if this is the reason why quickplay is filled with bots

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I feel like a lot of people dont have an issue with pc crossplay in those other games because in cod there is going to be seperate lobbies and fortnite seperates inputs because they know mnk is advantagous. Gears only lets you disable it for ranked, and by default its on anyway and from my experience gears doesnt have a huge pool of players for this to work. Plus you can plug a mnk into xbox now withoit it counting as pc players, ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■■.

It should give you options for all game modes and for any multiplayer should be turned off by default. Or contrastly have custom matches give xp, then we can have our own lobbies. Sure boosting might be a thing but that can be ironed out easily.

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It has nothing to do with mouse and keyboard! PC has an advantage and is easier because the higher frame rate, basically 1 second ahead of an xbox player you also have a bigger Point of view so you have extended sight, also pc has alot of different hand holding options that reduce alot of blur and shake we get on xbox. Getting a good PC isnt in my budget but id definitely switch if i could because im already a god in gears so on pc id probably go pro

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Forced crossplay lmao you deserve to be smacked and kicked in the ■■■

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Despite completing the Gears games on Insane I was always mediocre at MP, until Gears 4. At first KB/M seemed strange for a game so heavily designed for Xbox controller but I can definitely tell that it’s a huge advantage.
Also it’s great that mouse is finally supported on Xbox (the keyboard worked since launch) but most players will use a controller, even on PC because at first KB/M feels awkward and less fluent on Gears.
PC also has advantage of higher FOV and framerates.

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Why are you guys always trying to force people to play the game you like it? "Oh he doesn’t like crossplay. He’s a noob and crybaby. TC force everyone to activate crossplay. " “Oh he’s playing on PC. He’s only doing it to have advantage. TC remove crossplay.” Why not simply accept, that everyone has other preferences? Why not letting everyone decide himself how he wants to play? You. want to play with your friend who only has a PC? Great we’ve got crossplay for you. You want to have the most comparable conditions and not play against guys with mouse and keyboard. OK, you can turn crossplay off in the settings. It could be that easy. Everyone could play the game the way he wants and no one gets hurt.

Watch your mouth keyboard warrior. Or should I say iPhone warrior since you’ve admitted you can’t afford a PC lmao. This is a civilized discussion about the future of Gears and gaming in general. We don’t need any digital threats of force clogging the thread.

To everyone else who has replied with constructive feedback and opinions, thank you and I hope one day crossplay will be universally embraced because it is the best possible innovation for multiplayer gaming.

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So what you are saying is that PC has zero advantage over console players!?

Dude, are you dense? I paid nearly two grand for my system. Obviously my machine is going to be capable of things a seven year old console is not. The point of this entire thread is that crossplay is integral to the future of multiplayer games and their communities and to disavow it because you can’t compete with someone playing on better hardware is cowardly and regressive. Either way, worst case scenario is since it’s 2019 and the world has gone soft, if for whatever sad reasons the Xbox player base decides to disable crossplay in droves, I will begrudgingly jump over to my Xbox to play Gears 5. It would just be embarrassing for the community to indulge in the hypocrisy that is supporting innovation and progression and then literally disabling crossplay which, in my opinion, is the biggest step forward in gaming since broadband.

Whats your opinion if they put console mode on pc ??

By console mode i mean 60 FPS cap & fixed FOV & Only controller as input …


AND THERE YOU HAVE IT FOLKS!!! PC HAS AN ADVANTAGE OVER CONSOLE! That’s why we xbox players turn crossplay off because its not fair you are talking about a very low occurrence where an xbox player has a PC friend :rofl: and thats rare as ■■■■! Yes PC is way better its why its called “PC master race” not all of us are THERE financially so we have to get 200$ xboxs OKAY! How many of us wanted that special edition gears 5 xbox but simply couldnt afford and i mean how hard is it to include a point of view setting for gears 5

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I like THAT option but i honestly feel like there’s too much technology to bypass it that plus its already the way it is i doubt they’d drop pc quality. BUT instead maybe give console and update and maybe like a 50$ dollar plug in unit that allows console to have equal Fps ,Fov low blur etc. I mean pc and xbox are both microsoft and gears 5 is microsoft ONLY AT LEAST maybe only for Gears 5 allow a special plug in to keep up with PC REMEMBER DONKEY KONG N64 and how they included a special expansion pack for the game because the original N64 couldnt keep up!!??? 90s gamer here hahahaha but yes release a special edition gears 5 plug in for console so we can have equal quality to PC and ill turn my crossplay back on

TBH I couldn’t really care if pc players are in the game, the only issue I have is seeing their ping going up and down from 30-300 during a game and they are bullet sponges, then they go on about how good they are with a high k/d

I see xbox players with varying ping rates too