Crossplay controversy

I’ve been an Xbox player since Halo: Combat Evolved. I just recently decided to purchase a high end gaming PC because I have been paying attention to the state of gaming and I realized that the development companies of the few games I truly cherish playing (Gears and Halo) are finally embracing the PC gaming community. Part of this embrace is realizing the importance of crossplay, which EPIC Games has established as precious and effective if executed properly, which they did with Fortnite. However, the amount of threads I’ve come across recently regarding Gears 5 Xbox/PC crossplay and the incessant complaining is astounding. Do people not realize this feature is an innovation that has been wrongfully neglected in the gaming industry for far too long? Fortnite, as the most successful and profitable video game in history, set a precedent whether you like it or not. Even the biggest video game franchise of all time, Call of Duty, is following suit by implementing full crossplay between all three major platforms because they know crossplay is an inevitable advancement in multiplayer gaming (input based - very wise approach for an FPS). Meanwhile, I’m reading posts by Xbox players about how “unfair” it is to oppose a PC player in Gears. They use the old “mouse+keyboard” issue to defend their inferiority complex, which is counterintuitive to their irrational argument considering the controller is undeniably the better choice for Gears of War. It always has been. I’m 30 now, and I figure, at my age, I ought to provide myself with the best possible gaming experience that I can afford to. That entailed graduating from console gaming to PC gaming, which has many ways of enhancing the gaming experience, from uncapped framerates to variable resolutions to all different kinds of modifications. But to think that the PC community can be alienated by a quick switch of a setting, disabling crossplay, is ridiculous to me. I played many hundreds of games of Gears of War 4 on my Xbox against PC players and never once thought to myself, “this is completely unfair. I do not want to play against PC players.” Personally, I think these threads are just ventilation ducts for people who get smacked around a bit by a player with a monitor next to their name in the lobby so they come onto the forums and beg and plead for a boycott of crossplay, which is pathetic. Anyways, I didn’t mean to rant but I find it brutally ironic that for years, genuine gamers have beckoned crossplay with a passion and now it’s hear and it’s the reason people get beat in PvP.


Afaik, Xbox users can use a keyboard and mouse now too.

There is no option to not play against those users on console, so why is there a toggle for pc?

I’m not going to get into the other side of the debate, as you can’t reason with some people. But for the complainers… just let that above fact sink in


Exactly this.


Many players think they are pros. they also get upset when someone uses an elite controller. so you have advantages. maybe we should also create lobbies for that.:joy:

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Yeah, well, when you get aimbotted from across the map with a longshot every time you spawn, or die to some spinbot gnasher bull**** up close and then get called a f***** in the chat right after, you start to hate PC players in general.

Can’t tell ya how many scumf*** hackers I’ve run into one-shotting people across map from spawn with 100% accuracy that shouldn’t even be possible and trashing on people the whole time in game chat.

That’s not even mentioning how damn unfair mouse input makes the snipers.


The fact PC has more customizable options makes it the better competitive platform. Higher framerates, lower input lag, greater FoV, reduced motion blur, no DoF, all these make it easier overall for PC users to have an advantage. If xbox one didn’t have horrible input lag and heavy motion blur I’d prefer playing on console, but unless TC adds features to make it a better competitive game for console (which they won’t do) then PC will be better, unfortunately, despite console being the vast majority of the userbase.


Agreed. I can’t tell you how many hate messages I’ve gotten on GoW4 just because I had a monitor icon next to my name. They suspect that I’m killing them so easily because I’m using mouse and keyboard, but little do they know, I play on PC with a controller, as does the majority of PC players on GoW from what I’ve heard.


Add Console mode to PC please !!

Controller + 60 FPS cap …

Xbox version is just a pile of input lag …


Cool story bro.

It wouldn’t make sense to play in ranked against PC players as an Xbox player.

Social doesn’t really matter.


The problem isn’t the average. On average i’m sure it doesn’t make a huge difference, the advantage becomes more and more apparent the better players you are playing. I’d argue that at the highest levels of play you almost need to use KBM to succeed. But this is all really besides the point, the point is that competitive integrity is something that matters to a lot of people. This holds true for many different types of competition. We can argue all day to what degree something is an advantage or disadvantage but the reality is that it is a non-zero amount of difference, and there are plenty of players for which competitive integrity is important to them.

Ive played gears since the first game released. Moved over to pc a year ago, ive played 4 and now 5 on pc.

Yes pc has better fps and all the other options, my pc runs gears 5 at around 120+ fps but i still use a controller.

I find the main issue that all you are complaining about is aim assist, its incredibly strong on this game,

Sniping is so so easy you just point aim and shot in the direction and you’ll most likely get a hit.

Cross play is good, its the future and nothing is going to change that

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The ranked crossplay option is meaningless since xbox can now use mouse and keyboard. Every thread like this is just a million excuses of why not. I could state several more reasons why its dumb anymore to have the toggle considering there are a few ways to bypass it.

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Totally agree with the OP. Gears community are such a crybabies. They only excuses themselves and never admit they are just bad or there is someone better than them. Like OP said there is no problems in Fortnite, because GOOD controllers players will face perfectly fine GOOD KB/M players, and it is a FACT seem in competitive

I’ve been playing gow4 last 3 months on Diamond 5 and I’ve seem 0 cheaters. Gears community always will find an excuse, when this is the reality

  • They cry about pple being Sponges,
  • High Pings having advantage (LOL at this),
  • Complain about mouse aim advantage (I always lose on lancers battles agaisn’t controller players wich I guess it’s due the Aim Assist and no recoil)
  • Mouse may have better aiming, but we have a serius limited mobility because 4 keys to move so controllers have an huge advantage in movement overall
  • All PC players are cheaters, even tho I’ve been playing on Diamond 5 for months on PC and faced 0 cheaters
  • Cries because PC lower inputs lag, even tho top controllers players uses the same monitors, plays on controllers edited, scuffs, good headphones.
    -In Gears 5 seems like the FoV is an new excuse wich I don’t even use cause how ugly seems the Game
  • Higher framerates. Well… I’ve myself an 2000€ PC and can’t get more than 110fps~ in combats.
    -144hz on PC, that happens on PC too, unluko maluko brothers, there is gonna be always someone that can afford better hardware than others, PC players have to face it too.
  • You can use mouse and keyboard on Xbox Gears5.

And guess what, I’m not a newbie. I’ve been playing Gears since the first in 2006 and played on the best EU GoW2 team for months (based on Gamebattles seasons) this kind of crybabies always existed.

I would like to dissable crossplay so I don’t have to deal this kind of cryers. But this game is dead on PC, even though it’s superior than Xbox still nobody plays on PC


I would like your statement but I think everyone should be forced to crossplay TC needs to step up and tell people to get over it and that they aren’t going to segment the player base into 2 because of some whiners.

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I’m curious how many you’ve run into. I can count on two hands in the 2 years in gears 4 that I’ve ran across actual, no debate, definitely using an aim bot pc players.

So, for me at least, it is a super low ratio of concern.

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Yeah split the playerbase up like every other game does to the extent where this isnt an issue.

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maybe i have bad luck haha. Certainly seems to be the case since i ran into two in one night before. But at least 5 different instances.

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The thing that frustrates me is the PC players that whore the snipe for the whole game, and run on a laser beam path straight for it every time and pick it up RIGHT before you. Like Jesus f****** christ dude, let someone have some fun, this ain’t the MLG finals. I’d like to play my game and get better with the snipe, not get carried by some sweaty dude hyperventilating at his TV.


I turned off crossplay. No way Im gonna play at a disadvantage


To be fair, there is a much wider FOV on the PC (so you can see stuff which Xbox players dont) and the mouse flicking is much faster than any analog movement to react more quicker.
The technology and the opportunity is an improvement, but there are real issues between the two platforms. It should be an option, not forced, like in every other game which supports crossplay.