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Maybe I’m just nit picky, but I really feel that the crosshair change for some weapons really throw me off (namely the longshot.) It makes it feel less like Gears in my opinion. If it’s just to seem more aesthetically pleasing then I’d prefer at least an option to revert to classic ones.

What’s everyone’s thoughts?

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Agreed, they seem a little off to me.

I think the changes to the crosshairs were made to better show the hit markers and in a neater/tidier

Personally i have no problem with them and even prefer a few of them.

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The one that really throws me off is the boltok I dont think I got one headshot with the boltok and I’m beastly with it in gears 4.

The longshots okay… but I’m used to some sort of circle… if they can add the new reticule and fit it in with the old one it will feel familiar.

Meaningike (+) instead of just the +

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Im awesome with the botolk. It take a little getting used to but Ive been getting crazy headshots now


I haven’t gotten used to a Longshot crosshairs yet. Especially without being scoped.

The sniper feels good for sure I think I need to adjust my settings more too I haven’t found the right sensitivity

I agree, the long shot is the worst change of them all.

The rest I can live with.

Doesn’t it take longer to aim down the scope too? Or is it just me?

I’ve not used it much but there does seem to be a small delay.

I think overall the control sensitivities seem off. I have them turned all the way up.

I actually have them slightly lower than 4 just because wall bouncing isn’t as useful.

Its funny because i can actually wall bounce in this game and couldnt at all in Gears 4.

It’s slower and not as useful imo.

Far better to strafe and bounce less (not saying don’t do it at all though).

And yes, it’s easy to do and control.

Its definitely slower, but you can wall bounce backwards now. I wonder if the speed was nerfed for the Tech Test.

Ryan said they wanted to have shotgun dances / strafing.

So they probably did it on purpose.

So hyper-bouncing is dead then I guess?

I’ve seen a couple people do it but seems unnecessary now.

A lot of my games have been lancer laser-fests.

Really? I kind of find lancers negated by the better smoke/flash bangs. But then again its hard to tell since the ranking system is broken.

I dont really know what kind of opponents im facing.