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Cross-Play with PC

Cross-Play with PC users using Mouse and Keyboard should be optional in any and all modes. For a platform that claims to be about options, The double standards are racking up with Xbox as a platform.

M&K even on Xbox One should not be allowed to play against Controllers.

Remember this? What happend Xbox & Coalition?

Nothing has changed… M&K have a significant advantage over Controllers.

This will effectively kill Gears of War 5 MP for my clan and me. But oh well, Xbox is going after those casuals anyways. We hardcore fans no longer matter


you should do a little more research. M/K doesnt have a significant advantage when it comes to Gears .


You should actually do a little more research. It in fact does.

I provided a damn link, Gears of War was used for said test, you fanboy


As someone who plays with people on PC its the same thing when it comes to Gears. You sacrifice movement for aiming. Its not that crazy of a difference


RED I am not asking for it to be removed. I am calling for an option.

I am also pointing out the double standards that Phil and the Coalition have.

“We want you to play with the people you want on the devices you want”. Okay Phil, and Rod.


And many people agree with me

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I tried mouse and keyboard in the Tech Test and I was totally sht at it. I bet if I tried out PC right now, I would still be sht at it. It takes time to master and become fluid at it. My movement was slowed down. It is waaay more easier and fluid to do so on controller. I haven’t quite gotten used to this holding right mouse click and wheel for zooming it. It’s alien. Just because someone can use mouse and keyboard on Xbox console, doesn’t turn them into god like movement player. But aiming… its awkwards af without practice or getting used to it. So far, my accuracy on controller and mouse seemed about the same.

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I could careless as long as it keeps the population higher,

Also many people disagree with you


So because you tried something and weren’t used to it, and weren’t good at it… those who primarily compete on PC using M&K you dismiss it?

I get it. The Gears defense force is in full effect. I provided proof, and you still dismiss it. Gears defender are absolutely unbelievable.


I don’t know what I dismissed exactly. All I said was my anecdotal experience. Not taking sides here. But I do know that movement is easier and more fluid on controllers.

Another thing that’s getting forgotten is some PC players play on controllers. I might even try controller on PC as well.

So what you want is option to turn crossplay toggle on and off? It’s there already. It was mentioned somewhere that the toggle would be in Gears 5 as well. But which platform do you play on?

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Your “proof” is a almost 10 year old article based on rumors and hear say. Times have changes, Technology has advanced.

And its not about defending Gears. Its about not splitting the community like Gears 4 did

No Red, Precious little Gears of War fanboys think the Coalition and Xbox can do no wrong.

I’m sorry you dismiss facts.

@Ektope Sorry, it seemed like you dismissed the request for an option to turn it off in ALL casual and ranked modes

You really have no idea what your talking about. I’ve been suspended from these forums multiple times for calling out TC. TC can do wrong and have. Just because you get smashed by M/k players you dont want them in you game

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Although… I’m not sure if you’ve seen this but on Twitter, there was a ridiculous clip of some guy on Tech Test Arcade getting like what, 4 to 6 headshots in a row, while playing as Fahz on District. It was absolutely ridiculous and smooth. I can’t see someone doing that on controller.

I would guess that controller players may have advantage with up A, back A, reaction shots. But mouse players doing ridiculously accurate headshots with snipers.


I get it RED you’re part of the Gears of War defense task force.

I see you didn’t even understand what I posted, and went into full fanboy defense mode.

So what has changed in those 10 years? Mouse and Keyboards are more advanced… dummy

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It’s probably better for headshots, that’s all. With practice though.

But Gears has a Gnasher heavy gameplay where controller would do better.

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AGAIN…your “proof” was on a 10 year old article that was tested on a last generation system by someone who heard rumors m/k might not have changed but the system sure have

Are you special needs RED?

Again, the test was on Gears of War. Yes it was from 9 years ago. By your ridiculous logic of thinking all of a sudden controllers have caught up to Mouse & Keyboard! Are both ridiculous and disgusting. No, controllers have not, And M&K have become more advanced since then.

You are part of the Xbox problem. Staunchly defending Xbox’s ridiculous cross play moves. You deserve what is coming.

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I’ve been arguing this for a while. Its a known fact that thumbsticks will never benefit from the dexterity your entire arm from your shoulder to your finger tips can offer.

But I feel like the agenda to mix M/K goes beyond fair gameplay. I feel like the ultimate goal is to make Gears as accessible as humanly possible. Fact is, if you allow M/K and PC, you open up the playerbase aka customer base.

Even as someone who realizes how much this ruins the competitive spirit of the game, I’d support it if my money were invested in an Xbox exclusive.

Thats my two cents.

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Movement speed in Gears, over the years, have improved. They’ve reduced camera shaking, made the gameplay smoother to play and the cover animations and so on.

It felt blocky for Gears 1 and 2. Of course it got better for 3, J, 4 then 5. So it made it easier for the movement aspect when using controllers.

Did up A, down A, reaction shots even exist around Gears 1? I wouldn’t think it was common knowledge, back then.

Valid point but childish responses, just stay out social.

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