Cross play off should include social

Put pc players in their own social space. Also let us choose the game type. I’m sick of arms race and dodge ball

What are you so scared of?

Not you I dump on you

Never gonna happen. PC playerbase is low enough as of now even with enforced crossplay in social. Giving console players the ability to turn it off in social is stupid, and will just divide the playerbase even more.

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All 100 of us around the world will have to coordinate our schedules… lol

I don’t see the issue with casual social being intermingled.

To be honest players shouldn’t be allowed to turn off cross play, all TC needs to do is add a anti-cheat to the pc version and really there would be no reason to have cross play off, now some argue that mouse and keyboard are more superior than the controller but in all honesty a player with a controller can beat a player with a mouse, its more based on the skill of the player not as much the input device.