Cross-Play block on Consoles is redundant now. Consider it's removal after launch

with the confirmation consoles can use KB/M, lets remove the ability to block PC players from playing with console players. It’s basically redundant now and only serves to splinter the playerbase.

TC made a great decision to not segregate the players based on maps, lets take it one step further and remove this last barrier.

A switch to Input Based Matchmaking would be a good start / alternative :+1:


i think Ryan ruled that out during the Tuesday stream if I remember correctly.


At least they thought about it.

But a lot of games are going that way and have gone that way.

Even Borderlands 3 is going Crossplay!

I noticed there was a mouse cursor on screen with USB mouse and keyboard plugged in for Tech Test. On Xbox.

I don’t really see much reason for blocking crossplay now. But I do think it should be based on input. Otherwise, absolute no crossplay blocking. I might even use mouse and keyboard on Xbox.

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Leaving it available is a safe play for this game.

By 6 I’m sure it won’t ever be an issue again.


Especially when the next Xbox gets a nice bump in power to somewhat resemble a PC more closely.

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Especially if the coalition would actually take advantage of the 120 hz capability of the X. Then it would cut out the far majority of any unevenness.

Ryan said on stream the main concern is cheaters and that once they were sure they had an effective solution in place they would look into cross play more.


Sorry to say I couldn’t disagree with you more


It seems the Keyboard and Mouse excuse was always bs just because you have that doesn’t mean your automatically a god tier player on there. I’ve seen pc players get absolutely smashed by console players and vice versa. Mouse gives you a small advantage with aiming and that is it. It isn’t going to help you at all when it comes to close fire wall bounce fest where aim doesn’t matter too much. This toxicity of console gears players bashing people who they lose to and falsely accuse them of being on pc over rage has got to stop. To add many pro players in the Gear Esports scene do this same kind of bashing against the pc player base.

I believe everything is cross-play except for rank

Yea, I believe the main reason they’re not going that route is that he said it’d increase the matchmaking wait times dramatically, which makes sense. I assume if they were guaranteed a playerbase as large as Fortnite or other similar games, it’d make more sense.

I don’t see how,

Xbox Players would be unaffected as they play 99% on Controller assuming a few go M&K.

And all that would happen is the Controller PC players would be able to find games much, much easier,

If you see what I mean.

It’s not just banning people,

It’s making sure they can’t just spend 2 mins, make a new account and come back because the guys I met in 4 - it was literally the same, small group of people.

Yea, I’d assume it’d mean that m/kb players would get the very worst of it in all modes. That’s where the majority of the drastically increased wait times would hit hard, anyone choosing m/kb. It would essentially be worst than cross-play turned off, since not only would they be excluded from playing with most X1 players altogether, but the many PC controller players would be excluded from their matchmaking aslo.


I play as a mix and Xbox players do leave full Crossplay on as well.

Just, would help a lot during non-peak hours and I’m solo.

But I get your point.

Hopefully M&K takes off for Xbox so that it helps the platforms share the similarities.

Having the option to turn off crossplay is as stupid as gears 4 double weapon tuning.


There’s the problem my friend it really should be an opt-in option that gets developer off the hook so we decide as gamers whether we’re going to play cross-play or not.

We’re all one big happy family just trying to play some Gears :grimacing: