Cross-platform problems

such bs to let mouse keybord play with us controllers i saw 7 comps in my ranked game. this completely ruins competitive play for controller… u just lost your biggest fan till fixed

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its the future man cod doing the same


I made a post about it earlier that gained no traction heres what it said:
As of now you can only turn off crossplay in ranked but you can plug in a mouse and keyboard into your xbox and play. The game on pc is entirely different from console because you get near perfect accuracy and you can change settings like FOV and see a lot more on your screen. I played it on both and I think its unfair for people who just want to sit on their couch and play. You can play the pc version for 20 minutes and be leagues better than anybody using a controller and it completely ruins the console versus experience for me and I think its going to turn off new players when they get absolutely destroyed in every match they play by mouse and keyboard players. Controller just doesnt allow for the speed and accuracy that mouse and keyboard does and I hope that they make an option to enable controller only lobbies as playing against mouse and keyboard awful.


This is the one good thing about this game. Forcing Cross-Platform. It’s the future, and thank ■■■■■■■ god because it’s about damn time too. They need to remove all restrictions and just make it happen by force.


I play on PC and I choose kb and mouse for every game but the controller feels so much nicer when playing gears so I use it instead and have no problems playing against Xbox or PC players. I don’t feel like I am at a disadvantage.


Accuracy in this game isn’t a big deal. Controllers players have WAY better movement than keyboard/mouse users. Plus controllers has aim assist too. It’s just a poor excuse like blaming the ping. Gears community can’t just say: “Well, he just killed me so maybe he is just better than me”. The thing is that people that uses keyboard/mouse are mostly old school GoW players playing since years, that’s my theory. You can take as example Fortnite, there are many TOP controller players.


Crossplay is a good thing to avoid a dead platform BUT I think it you should match you to people based on INPUTS and not platform. Some PC players use controller, which is similar as playing a console and some will use KB/M on Xbone. IMO, INPUT based crossplay, KB/M vs KB/M, Controllers VS Controllers, whatever the platform.

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The problem isn’t mouse and keyboard. I put a fair few hours into Gears 4 PC and the true advantage was a 144hz monitor.

How do you know they were playing with m/k???

and you can’t control for that, just like you can’t control Original Xbox One vs Xbox One S vs Xbox One X, Standard Xbox controller VS Xbox One Elite controller, etc.

Cod is doing Input based crossplay, not platform based. So Controller VS Controller and KB/M vs KB/M,

I disagree completely. Everyone should play together, on whatever controller or input device they prefer. Some people prefer the controller… use the controller. Some prefer kbm… use the kbm. That’s what they’ve done. They have no restrictions on what input device you use on any platform. Welcome to the future, bud.

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I’m really surprised that this is a debate. Mouse and keyboard has a distinct advantage with precision aiming and play styles. It’s not even close. I’m watching people on kill cams with max sensitivity whipping the reticle and making hair point shots without moving their body. Very, very few controller players can pull that off.

In traditional ranked where it’s wall bouncing and close quarter combat, I can understand where controller has a chance. In Arcade mode, where cross play can’t be turned off, a team of precision players can dominate with pinpoint accuracy. PC squads are winning matches 50-10. Controller guys are fish in a barrel. Cross play needs to be an option. Matching such a wide gap of capabilities in a casual mode doesn’t make sense. There was a bunch of us in one of my discords that loved Arcade after the tech test. We’ve all stopped playing. The entire point of Arcade was that we could now use precision weapons in versus. At the very least, Coalition needs to completely turn off auto aim for mouse and keyboard. Something needs to be done to balance it if they’re forcing us into it.

You have to ask why PC players want to force controller players to be matched against them and why controller players generally don’t want it the other way around.

I use Controller and beat keyboard no problem either get one or stop complaining its the future

  • Cross-Play should be active “ON” mandatory then remove PC icon to avoid the players know in which plataform u play
  • FPS should be capped on multiplayer on pc to 60 FPS
  • KB/MOUSE should be banned of xbox-pc to play with them via update

Then you have a proper cross play without racism or unfair advantajes. Also KB-MOUSe only have advantajes on the lancer or first person shooters for example

KB-MOUSE is superior on overwatch, halo, quake, unreal tornament, doom but not on GEARS

i wonder how many people are getting rekt by pc players who are actually just using a controller instead of m+kb​:joy::joy::joy:

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FPS won’t ever be capped on PC lol

It’s not the future. It’s been an option for many years. Some people just like the feel of the controller better. It’s completely disingenuous to say that a device that offers quicker and more precise reticle aim doesn’t have a benefit in a shooter. Why can’t we have options? You aren’t growing the community by forcing this matchup. You push people away without options.

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its not been this available on most games though now it is on Gears and will be on Cod people will just have to deal with it a good Gears player on a controller can beat a good keyboard and mouse user I know this because I use a controller lol and have no issues and honestly I play better on Gears with a controller then a keyboard and mouse

A great player on a controller can beat a good player on mouse and keyboard. Yes I get it. M/k is still a distinct advantage when it comes to aiming. Just because someone with a disadvantage can win doesn’t make it fair. Middle of the pack PC player will be much better than a middle of the pack console player due to tools. I used to PC game and moved to Xbox Live because I greatly prefer the feel and experience of a controller. It’s no contest in terms of precision though. Most people who’ve tried competing with both will acknowledge this.

Console gamers just want it to be an option. Look…I’m very happy the community has grown. I welcome Steam and PC Game Pass because I have friends who only play PC. I’ll make exceptions to play with my friends. When I’m competing against the general population, I want a level playing field. Just give me a filter. Less options shouldn’t be the future.

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