Cronus ruins the game

For starters, if you ask me if I have proof of cheating, I don’t. Cronus is designed to make it seem plausible that a person might able to do the things that you see them do. It becomes obvious when you see them consistently hit really hard shots. Then it becomes a case of “Are they cheating, or are they just really good?” And I can’t really definitively prove that with footage, even though I have a TON of it. Because there will always be that person who says, “They’re just really good.” Or, “You got spotted.” But regardless, I have researched the Cronus Zen. I know what scripts it has, and I can tell when the aim I’m dealing with is not normal. I have played this game since Gears 1. I was 14, and I’m 29 now. I even played Judgement. I know what human aim patterns look like, and I can tell what a script looks like. People walking and blind firing and still hitting perfect shots. Peopl tracking you around cover when you’re not visible. People hiding behind corners and perfectly reacting to corners. I have played competitive fighters like Melee and Tekken for just as long, and I know how about reaction times, baits, and frame data. And I can see that a LOT of people playing this game are cheating. I didn’t want to accept how common the Cronus is, but it’s like every other game now. I have never, and will never buy one of these things. I put too much time getting good at the game to do that. I would rather just play something else. All I have to say, is that people using Cronus, you are ruining the game. You are preventing the game from being a high-skill esport. Because I do believe this game should be a revered amongst the best competitive games ever made. This game is one of the deepest, high-skill ceiling games ever made. And that’s why I play. But Cronus Zen throws that all in the trash. It’s a shame.


“How to invalidate your thread in the first sentence.”

Then what you have is a theory. A speculation. I have several PC friends that can consistently hit excellent shots and I guarantee you that they are not cheating.

Again it’s just your theory. Personally I think you’re overthinking it entirely. There’s many PC players out there that can hit bizarre shots (plus it looks worse if you’re observing from that godawful killcam), especially if they’ve gotten used to aiming with the mouse which is very easy and advantageous.

I played a hell of a lot of Melee, far more than any of the SSB series, and I’ve played Tekken since the start (my name, obviously). I understand the points you’re trying to make with reaction times and baits but it doesn’t relate to Gears very well. From a gameplay perspective they couldn’t be more different, they’re both side-scrolling 2-D/3-D Fighters while Gears has always been an Over-the-shoulder 3rd Person Cover-Shooter. It’s differently paced entirely and having a decent insight into the aforementioned fighters wouldn’t give you much of a better perspective of Gears’ mechanics from the get-go.

Still speculation. There’s plenty of server connectivity issues and inconsistencies in Gears 5, so much so that almost everybody’s experience on their screens is entirely different to what the server “registers”. Like I mentioned before, killcams are the worst and TC have confirmed how flawed it is.

Maybe they were just too good. Or maybe they spotted you.

You’re definitely overthinking this. While it’s entirely possible there are people out there using this, which I have no doubt, I certainly don’t believe it’s to the extent you’re saying. Surely if you had a “TON” of clips then at some specific points there would be a kill that would not be humanly possible. Compile a few from the same people and you’d easily have a case.

Gears 5 PvP is an absolute shambles. It’s a disgrace. There is no way it should even be mentioned in the same paragraph as anything along the lines of “best competitive game”. The predecessors, excluding Judgment, sure, but not this game. They ruined the skill-ceiling when they ”nerfed” the weapons to hell and slowed down the movement to such a boring level. This combined with the absolute army of bugs takes it far from being anything close to a decent Gears experience.


Multiple things can be true at once. Mura here is obviously overestimating the amount of people using a Cronus controller, but people do, and it’s not exactly easy to tell at a glance unless the person is just totally shameless about it. It’s a lot more subtle than wallhacks, no-clip or aimbot.

Hell, even aimbot can be difficult to confirm on the receiving end if the person using it has at least a few braincells to rub together.


I know. I agree, which is why I said it isn’t impossible, rather than deny or confirm his claims. It’s just speculation.

I know what you mean about the aimbot but more often than not those idiots couldn’t even spell discretion.

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Does it matter since you will be playing against PC players anyway?

Pointless thread then

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The ■■■■ is a Cronus.

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I guess its a thing that gives people aimbot? Judging from what the OP saying Lol but the OP just conveniently doesn’t have any proof or footage of the “cheaters”

Oh, I guess it’s this:

I highly doubt there are large swathes of people spending $100 on a piece of tech that, according to reviews, is confusing and difficult to use, all to get an advantage in Gears 5 PvP at its lowest point.

Yeah whenever I see posts like this i just think : “why would anyone waste their time doing this on Gears? Go do it on Warzone or a game that actually matters” lol

It’s my understanding that this allows aimbot on console?

I think OP made a fair post. I do feel like it’s an exaggeration to say that every game or every other game has someone with aimbot in it. In TDM, I rarely come across situations where I’m like “wow this is BS”. I mean it’s VERY rare.

But to say that people with Cronus are ruining the competitive spirit of a game that you have such a passion for is completely fair and I’m not understanding the backlash.

Such a holier than thou attitude on these forums.


While I do agree with you that there are in fact cheaters in the game, there are most likely just a few of them. Between the kill cams, poor netcode and a horrendous designed tuning, PvP is a big mess in which I believe it’s unfair to dump it all on cheating, TC made bad decisions that killed G5 sooner than expected.

@RelaxingKoty @GB6_Kazuya Proof is hard to come by but when there is an official ruling requiring cameras aiming at the players controllers at all times, you cannot simply call it speculation or mad rambling. This happened after a rumor started of an esports team accused another of cheating using a cronus device.

Unfortunately it does, from a simple tweak such as reducing the recoil to a grotesque lancer aimbot impossible to miss and being downed with a single bullet.

I hope Microsoft finds a way to detect it and hardware bans all offenders.

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With as many posts talking about cheaters being made here and claims of cheaters running rampant in versus then it shouldn’t be hard to come by. This person most likely lost a match and couldn’t cope with someone being better.

Which is more likely this dude is getting rolled by cheaters or players just better than him.

It’s just from repetition. There seem to be so many one-off posts claiming “CHEATING! CHEATING!” when the issue is significantly smaller than the accusations suggest. I’ve received hatemail accusing me of cheating, saying I’m going to be reported, and I’m not even that good. Players who are upset when they find someone better than they are jump to accusations of cheating so quickly and so loudly that we tend to dismiss them in a boy-who-cried-wolf style.

That’s why, when someone opens up their post with, “For starters, if you ask me if I have proof of cheating, I don’t,” we all just kind of roll our eyes. Here we go again.


After reading that im just okay well what’s the point of the post then.

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What’s even worse is how people can literally just clip what happened within the last 2 minutes. That feature is built into the every xbox one and using NVIDIA shadowplay if you have a NVIDIA graphics card on PC. It really be sounding super sus when people create rant posts about people cheating and yet conveniently don’t show clips of what happened.

That and, if they do have video evidence, there’s a way to submit it directly to TC and get the player banned.

Ranting here does nothing. It’s all bluster.

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Unless it’s a lancer dropping everyone with a bullet it is hard to gather evidence since everyone will interpret the video whoever they feel like it.

Besides, even if proof was submitted and TC actually banned the offender, they would just create a new account.

I understand that cheating posts are all over the place and more than a few are just people either complaining or not understanding the awesome mechanics the game has but it still surprises me that some people think no cheating at all takes place in Gears.

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ITT: An entire thread of people who don’t understand how a cronus works.

Let me check something here.

A Cronus doesn’t allow you to do anything of this in GoW because a Cronus uses scripts to perform repeated actions designed to exploit existing game mechanics and it DOES NOT allow players to do things outside of the games intended code — for example, a Cronus does allow people to have Rapid Fire, Auto-Reload (which is actively harmful btw) and even anti-recoil (only really useful on lancer/snub/retro/hb and not really that useful because it has very minimal and predictable recoil anyway).

A Cronus uses scripts to simulate physical controller movements — program the device to say “When you hold RT, your pistol will shoot as fast as the game allows” — there’s no such thing as a script which could predict another players movement and track them for you.

When you look up Cronus videos online, such as this one:

The video has “Aimbot” in the title — but it’s not actually aimbot. When you watch the video the cronus device is just minorly wiggling the left stick when he hits LT to aim, what this does is exploit Fortnites aim assist feature to the highest possible level (provided you find the right values).

This insane level of aim assist in fortnite simply does not exist in GoW5 — and unless like 30-40% of the playerbase start playing on KB&M it will never exist in GoW. What I’m saying is that there’s nothing to exploit here in this game.

Same story with anti-recoil — it’s fairly useless in GoW because the recoil is minor and extremely predictable. Recoil management isn’t really a GoW skill, it’s kind of supposed to be easy to lancer that’s just part of the game design. In Apex/CoD however — recoil management is a large part of the skillgap, and a cronus can help wildly with this.

This one specifically — this is just lag lmao. Everyone in the world has been shot around walls since day 1 of the games release like 15 years ago.

At the very best — and this is completely game specific — it allows you exploit sticky aim assist, and reduce recoil on guns. GoW guns have basically no sticky aim assist at all, and none of the guns have recoil.

Edit: 90% of what the Cronus allows you to do in GoW can be done with the software that comes with basically every KB&M. The biggest benefit a Cronus can possibly offer is—hilariously—to keyboard and mouse users! Yay, KB&M!

Because with a Cronus you’re able to trick the game into thinking you’re on controller—so you get controller assist with KB&M aim. You can also play controller/mouse without any of the glitches associated with doing it naturally, and (in games like fort which have crazy controller aim assist) use the aim assist script in tandem with a mouse.

If you’re a controller player in GoW — a cronus is giving you what KB&M users already have.


The most basic of aimbots are effectively just complicated macros and don’t allow the player to do anything outside of intended code either.

The only limiting factor of the Cronus Zen seems to be that it doesn’t have video passthrough and therefore can’t image process. It if did, one could easily make a fully functioning aimbot with it.

But yes, people are assuming these devices allow for cheating on par with a memory editor or something, and that’s simply not the case.