Critical Damage

Can anyone explain to me how critical damage works in this game? Playing as Emile and I’m not understanding what it is and why he has that perk in horde

I think critical dmg is whenever you shoot someone in their weak spot. Like their head for most mobs. The blisters on a swarmak ect

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I think it goes beyond that. Normal damage shows up as white. Headshots and weak spot damage is red, critical damage I’ve found to be yellow. I’m not sure what dictates them, I’d guess it’s totally random as with most games.

It’s also worth noting ( as a fellow Emile player ) that the bonuses I believe go from 5% on the first point, 7 on the next, and only one point every time after that. I’d say 2 points is really where the benefits stop. Health is similar too at level like 4-5. It’s 19/22% there. I think 6 is 25%. After that it’s only 1% per point. I found putting ammo and ultimate at one point, crit at 2, and health at 6 end game is ideal. Rest should go into the fabricator. Engineers get wicked mad when you don’t deposit anyway haha.

*if there is an engineer

5 slots
9 potential hero’s
2 are engineers
7 are not…

A lot of games I end up playing without Del/Jack and very few people I notice play Kat… I mean why would you play Kat over Del she has less than half the cards and only 1 good engineer card… but that’s a different topic

Indeed, agreed that her kit seems a little lacking compared to de. Can’t say I’ve ever not had an engineer though. That’s interesting. With the amount of damage a base does compared to players at high waves it seems silly not to :open_mouth:

I do admit Kat has half as many perks as Del and TC should adjust that. It’s not just Kat its all promotion chars. It’s like they felt they HAD to make them weaker or people would scream pay2win. I actually like using Kat because of her Ult. That decoy has saved my life and my team mates lives several times. I don’t have the perk that gives me stim every 8 secs I’m not damaged but I’m getting there.

Listen man Ima headshot Expert Stamped‼️ I just wanna know what the heck is weak point damage🤷🏽‍♂️??Like Iknow they consider critical damage 2be Strictly headshots…Trust Me Iknow This😏Headshots are Wtf I do, But can anybody explain to me what the heck weak point damage Is yo

Weak points is anywhere an enemy takes increased damage, eg headshots and areas such as Swarmak blisters, Kestrel engines, the Leech/organic bits on a Stump, to name a few.

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