Crimson Squad is here! Omen Assult events! prizes! Community fun!

Hi everyone we have missed you!

Crimson is back and this time we want to pack a punch!

We are pleased to announce the team have been working hard to design a brand new way to enjoy our events
in the Gears 5 cycle!

As Gears 5 is going to be offering a lot more variety with modes and also settings we are going to take our events
to the next step this year going forward

We will be covering

All Multiplayer modes
Escape Mode
Horde Mode
and maybe even campaign

Were going all out for this one and this time the more you participate the more rewarding the prizes get

Features in Omen assault -

GT Tracking for participation: Keeping Gts in a tally every time they participate and play

Leader Boards - Have a monthly leader bored with the most wins, end of the season wins top prize

More Viewer Prizes - We aim to have a lot more range of prizes from digital items to physical items and specials

Special Guests - each event we will be inviting all the Content creators around the globe to come and play/host the event with us

Commentators - we will be rotating commentators for the events and keeping everything professional as possible

Funday Lobbys - One day a week we will run a rolling lobby night with different themes just for fun and giggles

In game content - giving away skins, iron and much more

As a group we would like to make it super clear we have taken all the feedback from the previous Gears 4 events and
turned our events into something special, we will be choosing settings and rules based of previous feedback and statements from the community and making sure that everyone has a good time!

we look forward to sharing more with you guys soon, make sure you guys are following us on twitter for updates on our events and for our latest content. make sure you check out the rest of our team too!

Let us know below what you would like to see come from our events!


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