Crimson Omen controller avalibility

Morning Gearheads
I’m after a new Xbox one Crimson pad. Do any of you chaps/ladies know of any that are not stupidly priced available in the UK ?
I have one and and the JD pad but would like another. On a similar vain if anyone is after the Gears flavoured stands for their pads Amazon uk do them for around £15, they are imported but arrive pdq. I have them, they do add to the beauty of the pad :wink:

…I wonder what pads we are going to get with 5, maybe Ice blue/white ?

If new, you can check out $67.95 Much cheaper then
Other then that but doubt that will be cheaper.

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Cheers, do they deliver to the UK ?

Amazon used to block videogame sales from the US site to Europe, but relented a few years ago, so I imagine you can order. No idea what the shipping cost would be. Hmmm let’s see…

Okay I went through the process to order one from the .COM site but got to the final summary without saying yes. Total including postage and import duty (they pay it for you in advance, you can’t avoid it) is 71 GBP.

I had no idea it had jumped in price, well at least on, where they want 120 GBP for it. I got mine as a birthday gift last year, so I have no idea how much it cost. But it’s the same price on eBay, no stock on GAME… so yeah, might be your only route.

Hi mate
Just ordered from Germany, for £57.

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I have both the JD and Crimson controllers, but due to not looking where I was walking I stood on and broke the JD one :disappointed:.
I got hold of a replacement ok, but the included Gear Pack code stated ‘this item is already owned’ when I tried to redeem it.
It’s just a little bonus that comes with the (IMO) better than the original controllers, but I was disappointed not to get the free packs that came with it, so just a little “heads-up” to everyone.

Which is actually 74.37 USD when writing this :smiley:

Thank you for replies and info guys :+1::+1:

I’ve got a gears limited edition XB1 with a brand new controller I’ve been trying to sell.

Hmmmm I will pm you :slight_smile:

Must admit, didn’t think Germany would have one so “cheap”… I checked .FR and it was up like 110 Euros as well.

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